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Catch Me I'm Falling (Losing You Mix)

Started by Ben_j, Jun 12, 2020, 12:25

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An alternative mix for Catch Me I'm Falling was released as part of the CARE4LIFE compilation for the NHS. Not much to be excited about though, this mix is very close to the original...


Exciting news, but underwhelming results. Sounds like a quick alternate mix with different drums and that's about it. Would have liked it to "take off" a bit more, like it was building to something.

The different percussion and effects are quite fun

There is definitely a minimal version of this album

Need a No Geography at Nite version of the album
i love chem bros omg!!!!!!!!!!!!

Always appreciate peeks behind the curtain even if they aren't worlds different from the original (where's that techno version of Radiate anyway??). I like the unpolished synth embellishments this one has.

For the record, the rest of this compilation is pretty fantastic. I've been jamming to Next To You (Kiwi Remix) and the Luke Vibert track rules too.
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I get the impression that this is more of an early version of the song rather than a specifically made-for alternate one. It's nice but lacks a bit of that special something we got for instance with By the Light of the Moon mix of Wide Open. But like Whitenoise said, it's always a pleasure to get glimpses into their behind-the-sofa kinds of work.
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