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Q for the oldheads (Chems Mailing List/Astralwerks Message Board)

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So I was just working on cleaning out our second bedroom and came across this framed, autographed copy of Surrender in a box. I only have the haziest memory of how I came to have this. It seems http://www.the-raft.com/ no longer has anything to do with the Chemical Brothers or their labels, and I let the e-mail address I was using at the time lapse, so I can't dig through old e-mails to figure this one out.

Anyone have any recollection of this contest? Sorry I don't remember your handles or real names, but I'm pretty certain a few of you are still around here.

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Damn, I have no recollection of this at all! My memory isn’t near what it used to be. What a treasure to rediscover, though! I tried going through all my emails as well but didn’t see anything related to this giveaway.
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