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Dissolve vs I'll See You There

Started by Ben_j, Jul 31, 2015, 08:20

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Dissolve vs I'll See You There

10 (55.6%)
I'll See You There
8 (44.4%)

Total Members Voted: 18

Let's have another one !

I voted for I'll see you there, because it's a bit darker, less happy than Dissolve.
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Good call.

listened again to dissolve the other day, so lovely.

I do like how I'll See You there mixes the beatlesy sound with dark acid, but voted Dissolve.

My only problem with Dissolve is it isnt 10 minutes long. Feels like it could go somewhere else.

Damn you, this is actually harder than TPP vs TSU...

Dissolve is much more satisfying, but I'll See You There blows my mind a lot more. Hmmm. Give me a few days.

Also I haven't moved em yet, but it would be cool if future polls could go in the Questions section - I'm not sure if it will get much use otherwise and it was originally meant for epic polls and stuff like this too.
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Never for money, always for love.

It's too soon!!
Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle.

The album finally arrived in the mail! And just in time to answer this poll!
I have to go Dissolve. I know it's too early to make a final judgement on any song from BITE, but I can tell already that ISYT will never measure up to Dissolve, at least for me. Dissolve is like, one of my favourite songs, and probably one of the first songs I ever fell in love with.
ISYT is an excellent callback to their earlier work, and not in a cheesy way. It feels like the song to sum up the Chemical Brother's origins, and it's got more Big Beat in it than anything they've done since DYOH. But honestly, I'm not that into it. Perhaps this is because I've always preffered the newer Chems songs to the older stuff, but Dissolve feels so much more intense and evolving. I never thought it needed to go on longer, I thought it went on for exactly as long as it should, for as long as it could change and keep things interesting. Maybe I just feel that way cause it hit me at a young age, but hey, is there a better reason to feel that way?
The devil is in the details

The lyrics allready says it.
I'll see you there by far

Two of my favorites

But ISYT is a cut above, for me. Even the visuals happen to be better. Just a stellar tune yo
i love chem bros omg!!!!!!!!!!!!

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