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2015 Frequency Festival/Austria

Started by Stefan, Aug 09, 2015, 18:44

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August 20th, 2015
Frequency Festival
St. Pölten, Austria

The Future, I'll See You There  ;D

Ahhhhh, the endorphin-induced post-Chems glee...

I've quarreled for a long time this year wether I should by a ticket, since this is quite a lot of money for me right now and none of my friends wanted to go to the festival (they're not into the Chems or even electronic music, and the rest of the lineup at the Frequency this year was really uniteresting). But in early August I finally gave in and bought a day ticket.

And it was totally worth it.
Totally worth the two-hour car ride.
Totally worth going to the festival alone.
Totally worth waiting three hours in the cold for the gig to start.
Totally worth enduring the shitty DJ who played before the Chems to secure a spot in the wave breaker (it sounded basically like
for more than an hour).

The show was, of course, amazing. For me the second time (after 2011) seeing the Brothers live, but I can't really make a comparison as the two events are just to far apart. 2011 had smoother transitions throughout the setlist and Don't Think, 2015 has The Sunshine Underground and Laser Rave Robots. SIFSD works really great live. EML Ritual is just insane . Also, I'll See You There. I think something went wrong during this song, as when the vocal sample starts for the first time, it suddenly sounded very chaotic (unintentionally). It was however just for a very short time, and at the end of ISYT was a massive, insane breakdown which reminded me of what Tom does usually at the end of the show (he was of course at the mixing table, not the Octave Kitten). I don't remember hearing this in the recordings of this tour so far, or maybe it just sounds different live. In general all those live edits really make each show unique :-)
Adam really seems to enjoy being on stage!
There were also some real fans in the audience, for instance when during Swoon the first subtle samples of Star Guitar start, a lady right behind me screamed: "Yeaaaah, Staaaaar Guitaaaaaar" :-D

To wrap this up, the Chemical Brothers once again managed to create a mind-blowing audiovisual orgy. If you have the chance to attend it, do so!

Friends don't like electronic music? GET NEW ONES

Glad you had a smashing time. And that you got to be so close! It's fantastic seeing how much fun Tom has on stage.
Never for money, always for love.

Ha! I like my friends for anything but their taste in music.

Yeah, I was in second row. First row would've also been possible, but then the barriers would hinder me from dancing as much and intense as I prefer.

Good work Stefan! Getting me excited for the Chicago show in two weeks!

Quote from: WhiteNoise on Aug 21, 2015, 03:05

Friends don't like electronic music? GET NEW ONES

I've been trying that for YEARS.
I've had to settle for gradually getting them to tolerate it over time instead.

Quote from: Stefan on Aug 21, 2015, 02:56

Totally worth enduring the shitty DJ who played before the Chems to secure a spot in the wave breaker

Major Lazer ? Dude, that's Diplo and it's usually pretty good. As long as you're not allergic to trap and moombathon.

Nah, it's not my kind of music. And the stage performance had the appeal of club reps.  Most of the crowd seemed to enjoy it, however. I was glad when it was over.
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Diplo needs to change his name to Douche-asaurus. He is not the same man that made Florida.
i love chem bros omg!!!!!!!!!!!!

Quote from: androidgeoff on Aug 21, 2015, 15:48

Diplo needs to change his name to Douche-asaurus. He is not the same man that made Florida.
I still like some of the stuff he produces. I quite liked the new Major Lazer album. He's still a great producer, but got blinded by fame at some point...

Somehow this thread slipped me by.

Glad you a had great time even though you had to enjoy it by yourself. But what's better than having a great time instead eye rolling friends who might hate it?!

And kudos to you for posting that video! That's a splendid rundown on EDM! I laughed so hard, thank you!  ;D
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Congrats Stefan on your show. Cool of you to share your story. Seeing reviews like this are encouraging to see them twice.
This is up there. Like, Star Guitar up there.

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