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Live Shows in post-pandemic lockdown and potential expectations

Started by Bosco, Jan 20, 2021, 08:16

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No, not the Chems. But if this can't go ahead in vaccine-central UK in July, I don't know how Sonar and Rock In Roma can go ahead in June.


There was a "test rave" event in Liverpool this weekend:

So, depending on how this turns out, a Chems show this summer will become more (or less) likely.

Would have liked to see more control over this, "test". "Guinea pigs", are about the only two words that I'm willing to comprehend from that article.

Congrats on your night out young ravers. After participating, here's hoping you stick to the recommended guidelines.  ::)

Fully agree, I think it would've been way better had they required a negative test and also every attendee to be fully vaccinated in order to participate. But whe'll see, maybe I'm too pessimistic.

As far as lateral flow tests are concerned as permission for certain events, here's something from Austria:
Austria is in lock-down-ish mode since basically last year November, with indoor dining closed and non-essential shopping only open sometimes.
The region Vorarlberg had relatively low incidence compared to the rest of the country at the beginnig of 2021, so the gouvernment decided to use it as a "model region" for opening indoor dining, with the requirement of a negative lateral flow test no older than two days or a PCR test no older than three days.
While the incidence in the rest of the country has decreased, the numbers in the model region have tripled.
Of course, our incompetend gouvernment calls this a success and is planning to implement the system in the rest of the country later in May as well  :-\

Of course the situation is not really comparable to the UK, as the UK has way better numbers now (incidence is a 6th or so compared to here) but I cannot imagine going indoor dining, even if they re-open, let alone attend a large-scale event.

And they just cancelled the Opener festival here in poland for second year in the row.
And I just planned to see Chems as my 1st gig ever :')
Where do I start?
Where do I begin?

this was not too encouraging. lots of canaries in the coal mines right now.

tl/dr: 5% of 20k attendees tested positive for covid after a festival; all attendees had to show proof of vaccination or negative test taken within 40 hours of the event for entry. (not clear what kind of tests were acceptable - I assume PCR since it would need that kind of turnaround time window.)


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A wide range of replies to this.
From this:

To this:

and these:

and a little worryingly this:
(didn't embed because she has an emoji in her twitter name)

Also in the last 48 hours, news about Boardmasters festival which the Chems headlined back in 2018:

divided opinion again:



we're never getting out of this are we....my mother works as a nurse and my best friend and his entire family contracted covid, nearly lost his dad and grandmother....none of anyone involved had these foolish mindsets

i think i'd be smart than be ignorant, no one should have to go through that pain just because someone else wanted to be selfish....no live show is worth that
And I feel like I'm dreaming...and I feel like I'm dreaming...

Very sad to see. The idea in Australia once ready to do so is that everyone will have to be vaccinated to attend an event but even then, you can still get it and everyone's body is different as to how bad covid is going to be for them.
...'cause I don't like whats going on in the world. I'm scared of that...

Personally, I do not believe we should be having concerts right now. And it also kind of bugs me and disappoints me that The Chemical Brothers are performing.

I'm happy to see Nine Inch Nails and Deftones canceled their tours and appearances. It shows they care about people and their fans.

Yeah, NIN, Pixies and Dinosaur Jr. all cancelled due to the state of COVID for the fest I'm about to attend. Replacements were made, but the festival is sending some serious mixed messages by pushing forward when a significant portion of their legacy acts are cancelling.

To be fair, there is no economic relief for the industry and the industries attached to musical festival during this pandemic. Everyone is left to defend for themselves at this point. Moral principles have no grounds when it comes to business survival.

Furthermore, look at professional sporting events... why aren't mass crowds at these events met with more criticism? We'll city tax revenue says, "Hi".

There is a lot to be written about this headache of a situation. Either you can live the hypocrisy or you can hide away. This is where we are at now.

In less than two weeks, I'll be choosing to live with the hypocrisy. I feel anxious and dirty about  it.
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Jonathan Davis of Korn got COVID while on tour a couple weeks ago. They had to cancel a couple shows. Now he's performing from a throne because he's still having issues with breathing and being fatigued. Now it just came out that Munky has gotten COVID and will be sitting out some shows. Korn should probably just stop touring. At this rate, the whole band will get COVID if they keep on performing. Seems stupid to possibly do long lasting damage to yourself to play shows. I know Maynard of Tool was having lung issues that could affect his singing. Why risk screwing up the rest of your career?

Hey there,

Was wondering what should I expect for Printworks, was looking at the show before and it was a bit of a mix of classics, deep cuts, random stuff and songs off No Geography. Any best guesses - hoping for some more hits vs last time.
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the canaries continue to get infected. I'd be curious to see more data on the severity of cases linked to festivals.

festivals have probably always been very effective at spreading viruses, we have just never paid such close attention to it before. I do feel we rushed back into it at a wreckless pace. but it is happening.

Yeah, it ain't about public safety anymore, it's all about tax flow and business survival at this point.

Managed to attend Riot Fest and seemingly have come unscathed. They checked for proof of vaccination at gate and or negative test within 48 hours, but they were pretty lax. People could have lied to get in. But I don't think the festival draws that kinda crowd.

95% of people weren't wearing masks for the entirety of the festival. I was the opposing 5%, but I'm not sure it really mattered. I say that because despite my effort to keep my self safe, I was crammed into public transportation post-festival where it was impossible to social distance. Speaking of which, an attendee managed to get electrocuted after getting bumped from overcrowded elevated train station in what is sure to be a colossal wrongful death suit for the CTA (Chicago Transit Authority).

Overall, it was a stressful music festival  weekend. While it was nice to hear some live music once again, I couldn't help but feel unsafe (for more reasons then COVID) and conflicted the entire time.

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