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Remixes , extended versions and remixes - please help me get them all in one pla

Started by FeatherDustBrother, Jan 30, 2021, 16:19

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Is there a way to get these all in one place? Tje remox album only has 12 songs and is a bit out of date. I was going to buy it but im hoping there is a download, that you pay for or CD with everything on that is quite recent? I've searched everywhere!

Please help me get all these things. I took me ages to get just a few. And costly. Do they only have that 1 cd of remixes with 12 on?

If anyone can help please comment, I'm desperate and will pay how ever much they are. I love their remixes going back all the way to dust brothers.

Yer I've seen those thanks,  but there are soany i want by the likes of daft punk and boys noize to name a couple. There is an insane amount of them, all of which ill never get. Sad times.

Thanks though

Have a look into your private messages, Feather.
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I made a spotify playlist of all the ones on there I could find on there. (I've added a few that arent on there from my local library, so they wont play for other people sorry)

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