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I Really Love the Chemical Brothers

Started by Hutch108, Feb 19, 2021, 00:46

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Exit Planet Dust came out a couple months before my 2nd birthday. My first proper introduction to The Chemical Brothers was at age 10 when I heard "Leave Home" in a snowboarding video game. I loved it, along with many other electronic dance cuts from that game which collectively introduced the broader genre to my young ears. As the next couple years went on, I continued to search out for music of this sound and quickly found myself a fan of Daft Punk, Fatboy Slim, The Crystal Method, and of course, our beloved Chems.

I dove deep into their discography during middle school. I was 13, growing up in suburban midwest USA. Not a single soul that I knew IRL enjoyed this music. Perhaps with the only exception being my dad, who exposed me to all kinds of stuff from Zeppelin to Cameo to Kraftwerk. But it was clear that he didn't "get it" in quite the same way as I did. I had an extremely rough experience in middle school, which is not particularly rare I suppose. It was plagued with loneliness and self-doubt. The music of The Chemical Brothers became something that I could always turn to. Their songs would excite and console my confused and tormented adolescence. Many hours were spent with their albums absolutely blaring from my room. There was this mind-fucking irony, though, that this body of work provided a space for me to feel so validated and hopeful, while also being something that I could not share with any of my peers without ridicule. It was a bizarre experience. Some days I felt like an idiot for enjoying something like "Elektrobank." Other days I felt special as fuck for having an apparent gift to feel such awe towards something that left others unaffected.

The real gift was growing up. And hearing Tom & Ed grow through their evolving artistic expressions. Age has given old songs entirely new meanings, and the passing of time has given me new albums to experience with virgin ears. The Chemical Brothers have been a constant in my life. They've soundtracked so many significant moments and feelings. The fact that we can still get something like No Geography after all these years fills me with so much joy. I continue through the journey of my life and their music is always right here with me, intertwined in that journey as much as any art can be. Sadly, I've never had the opportunity to see them live, despite the deep connection I have with their work. Hopefully the stars will turn and a time will present itself. I was listening to Born In the Echoes yesterday and was hit with a powerful wave of nostalgia and reflection which inspired this post. I just really love The Chemical Brothers and wanted to share these thoughts.

Love Is All
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Man, you got me all emotional. A beautiful, heartfelt sentiment, that all of us can certainly relate to. Thanks for sharing your story behind your relationship with the brothers, Hutch!
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you've described an awful lot of how i felt about them in middle school..! trying to get people to understand dyoh and surrender was impossible XD
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Hey Hutch, you sound like a guy that certainly belongs here. Thanks for spilling your guts a little and sharing a look into your personal and emotional life.

Beyond Tom and Ed, I hope Errol K gets a look at this. He produced/curated the soundtrack for SSX 3. Story like this probably put a big smile on his face.

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