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Chems One Mix on Apple Music

Started by Bosco, Aug 12, 2015, 06:39

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Tom did you just go

Acid on us?
3 (33.3%)
Future Bass on the Solar System?
2 (22.2%)
Chemical on the Universe?
4 (44.4%)

Total Members Voted: 9

Quote from: Enjoyed on Aug 15, 2015, 06:18

I'm recording. Don't cha worry.

Fuck yeah! Thanks!

Glad the first few tracks are familiar, I just spent the last 15 minutes fighting a losing battle against a broken cassette deck :D.

In other news that intro was whack. In, like, alll the right ways.


Hi this is Tom. From The MySpace. And this is my 1 Friend Request.

Brought to you by the Todd Terry and his Unknown beat soup.

This is Tom Rowlands, acclaimed member of the ever changing Art of Noise.
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i love chem bros omg!!!!!!!!!!!!

I turned "Hi this is Tom." into a drinking game. Every time I hear it is the drinking part.

This mix is perfect for late night. I have a Ron Hardy for it, one could say.

For those who are listening in the morning. You would have one productive shower. Extra clean.
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i love chem bros omg!!!!!!!!!!!!

Heh heh!

I guess Ed couldn't be bothered to do voice overs.

"Hi this is Ed. Would love to stay and chat but I've got me a final exam tomorrow morning..."

Yeah Just Bang Yo Banana Boy G-na B Tsu jhaey.

i love chem bros omg!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wonder how old this is
i love chem bros omg!!!!!!!!!!!!


Tom turn it off. I won't make fun of your voiceovers again.
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i love chem bros omg!!!!!!!!!!!!

Aaaahhh I totally missed it. Then again I don't haven any Apple software.
Any listen again links?

Rough tracklist. There are significant errors here:

Kool Keith - Drugs (Version IV)
The Chemical Brothers - Go (Special Request Warehouse Mix)
The Chemical Brothers - Go (Extended Mix Outro)
The Chemical Brothers - Direct Buki
The Rolling Stones - Miss You
Earth, Wind and Fire - System of Survival (Chems Edit)
Ron Hardy - Sensation (Long Version)
Steve Poindexter - Born To Freak
Demdike Stare - Patchwork
The Chemical Brothers - Just Bang
Just Beats - Bonus Beat Orchestra (chems DJ tool)
Factory Floor - Turn It Up
Daft Punk - Burnin
The Chemical Brothers - Sometimes I Feel So Deserted (Skream Remix)
The Chemical Brothers - It Doesn't Matter
Motor - Sweatbox?
Charles B. - Lack of Love (Chems / Tom Rowlands Edit)

Probably some false IDs in there too. iTunes isn't the best trainspotter. Bosco tells me Bizarre Love Triangle and an instrumental of Under Neon Lights were teased in the mix but I don't know where.

Man they should've played C.H.E.M.I.C.A.L.!
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Quote from: WhiteNoise on Aug 15, 2015, 07:13

Man they should've played C.H.E.M.I.C.A.L.!

I kept hoping :'(

That was a great opportunity for CHEMICAL. But hey, was good overall.
i love chem bros omg!!!!!!!!!!!!

Does anyone know what that mad intro was?

Bizarre love triangle definitely was teased.  And I do believe an instrumental of UNL was used in there somewhere.

Agree the intro was the tits.

Ok I missed this as I was catching up on some much needed sleep. Gonna catch up now though thanks to Enjoyed.

I have listened to Zane before on Apple/Beats radio without any problems. But today it won't work for me. Surely my three month free subscription isn't up already??  When the BEATS1RADIO.COM LINK opens up the "Radio" section of my itunes account, it says "LIVE NOW" .  Then I click the pink button that says "Listen Now" and ...nothing happens. Anyone else have this?
Yea though I walk through the valley and shadow of death
every day of my life,
I fear no evil for The Lord is with me.

I had to click it a few times but that was after taking my HDMI cable out to record. It said it was playing but I couldn't hear anything (hence the first few seconds of the intro missing.)


Theme From Earthshaker (Remastered) - Cabaret Voltaire
102point7 - Ricardo Miranda
Drugs (Version IV) - Kool Keith
Go (Special Request Warehouse Remix) - The Chemical Brothers
Go (Extended Mix) [Bonus Track] - The Chemical Brothers
Direct Buki - The Chemical Brothers
Unknown - Todd Terry
SOS - Jerome Derradji vs OK MA
Miss You - The Rolling Stones
System of Survival - Earth, Wind & Fire
Sensation (Long Version) - Ron Hardy
Turn It Up - Factory Floor
Bizarre Love Triangle - New Order
Born To Freak - Steve Poindexter
Patchwork - Demdike Stare
Just Bang - The Chemical Brothers
Bonus Beat Orchestra - Just Beats
Burnin - Daft Punk
Sometimes I Feel So Deserted (Skream Remix) - The Chemical Brothers
Sweatbox - Motor
Lack of Love (Radio Mix) - Charles B.

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