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Started by maymay, Mar 28, 2021, 02:37

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HI, does anyone know how to contact for licencing for chemical brothers. I have used music in a fair rights manner, I have had a few labels be really mean to me in regards to this even though it is unlawful due to law of fair use for education unless offensive or hate speech.. I would also like to request free licence from the chemical brothers and hope they are nicer than some other artists.

Hi did you ever get a reply for this or find a way to contact the Chemical Brothers management? I'm looking to use their music in a student film. thanks!

Obviously I can't speak on their behalf. I'm not sure who owns the rights, it also may depend on specifically what song you are looking to use.
I just recently did a cover of one of their songs and I was able to purchase a license through my distributor, DistroKid. However, not even DistroKid obtained the license. They actually contracted the work to a legal team that negotiates licenses. The agency that obtained the license for me is called the Harry Fox Agency. Obtaining the license was actually cheap, only $12, though that $12 may only pay for stipulations that match my use of the song, and not necessarily what you are trying to do.

If the Chemical Brothers don't get back to you, I hope that helps, and don't forget to check out my cover of Believe, I posted it about it in the Music: Response subforum  ;)

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