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2007 - Live in Trafalgar Square, London

Started by axent, Jun 03, 2021, 22:12

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Found an old HDD with some photos on and discovered some photos from the Chemicals' gig in Trafalgar Sq. in 2007. I don't remember much about it, other than that it was a unique venue and that the tickets were free!

Was anyone else there with a better memory than me?

Photos taken on a Sony Cybershot so not the greatest quality by today's standards.

There's also a few short videos with surprisingly clear sound that I may or may not get around to uploading...if anyone is interested.

Quote from: axent on Jun 03, 2021, 22:12

There's also a few short videos with surprisingly clear sound that I may or may not get around to uploading...if anyone is interested.

My friend, you have live chemical brothers footage and you are on the chembase, of course we are gonna be interested  ;D
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Quote from: Conn6orsuper117 on Jun 03, 2021, 22:42
My friend, you have live chemical brothers footage and you are on the chembase, of course we are gonna be interested 



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Have you seen Quentin Tarantino?
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Quote from: ThePumisher on Jun 04, 2021, 08:42

Have you seen Quentin Tarantino?
I've been trying to find the footage of him from the Trafalgar Square videos a few months ago and couldn't find him. There IS footage of him somewhere, right?

Hey axent, cool stuff you've got there! I think there were some blokes from the forum attending that show. I specifically remember Jeanie and I guess Mippio, who were regular forumites at the time. I believe this show was advertised as a 3D spectacle with 3D glasses for which Adam and co designed some new visuals. Unfortunately I couldn't go but gladly went to see them in Prague that year.
However, this gig is a special one for me as there was finally, for the first time, a superb quality recording of Hold Tight London available which sounded just marvelous. Up until Trafalgar, there was only a poorer (yet a good one given the circumstances of live recordings) Dublin recording out there that only gave a glimps of how great this track was live.
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Quote from: Csar on Jun 04, 2021, 11:11
I believe this show was advertised as a 3D spectacle with 3D glasses

I've got a set of the 3D glasses, still sealed...

One of my wish-I'd-been-there-gigs. Right in the center of one of my favourite cities I've ever been to and they played that beautiful version of HTL.

Thanks for the videos :)


I was there! Was saying on the FB version of this forim that Im in the video somewhere actually.

It was an absolutely great day out, such good fun.

I'll recite some of my memories if you don't mind...

Basically it was an independent arts company who wanted to experiment with 3D visuals in a famous landmark of sorts, and London at that, so they chose Trafagular Sq.

They partnered up with Channel 4, a standard free channel with any TV in the UK, and the whole idea was that the "experiment" was going to take place in Traf Sq in a sort of day time event festival type deal.

They locked the whole place off for the event and set the stage up directly infront of the National Arts Gallery on the steps and there were multiple entry points around the Square, pretty standard.

Anyway, as it was a free event, they also partnered with Becks beer to distribute the tickets and the idea was: buy as many bottles of Becks to get the code on the back, check the website and see if you're a winner.

This forum was buzzing at the time, regulars scrambling around for tickets and most, if not all, got sorted one way or another, myself included.

From memory, Mippio was at the forefront of that to be fair, he just seemed to have alot of spares.

I was only 17 and starting my last year of secondary school, think I jacked off school just to fly over from Belfast  :D

Got into London and met up with Jeanie and Mippio in Victoria, they were staying down in Hammersmith, we trekked back and forth then went through Charing Cross station where I basically got my first lesson on London ticket scalpers.

Still feel bad about this to this day believe or not, but I was just naive.

Basically, some scalper was looking to buy up people spares to sell on and I had a few. I think I sold two for 20 but the unfortunate thing was, I was under the impression this scalper was a "genuine fan", whilst two actual fans sheepishly stood behind the scalper as we carried out the transaction. That bugged me hard, still does, hope they made it.

Also, he tried to pull a fast one on me and hand me 10£ instead of 20£ and Mippio, our savior, interjected and saved that extra ten. Good man mips!

After this, we walked up to a wetherspoons called the Montague Pyke where we met up with all sorts of Boardies but I had too many vodka redbulls to remember them all. However, I do remember a nice lady giving us these battery operated flashing glowy things which we wore round our neck and meant we could all easily spot eachother and  stay together when the lights dimmed at the concert.

Which I though was ingenious and applied the same idea at a few other raves after.   

Anyway, it was such good fun, we all went in and calvin harris  and Erol Alkan (I think) were warming up. We mostly stayed together, I personally ended up way too excited and got so drunk my head almost fell off.

It was such a great day out and was around the time they were knocking out the big believe climax, so suffice to say we had our scalps were and truly blown off.

After, I think the guys went to a club and I found my way back to Great Portland St mesmerized by what I had just witnessed.

Quote from: Foxboy on Jul 23, 2021, 23:04

Hey, I was there!
As was I! Wasn't active on any of the boards or forum at that time so not involved in any of the meet ups, but for some reason managed to end up with 4 tickets! Travelled down from Glasgow so made a weekend of it with my wife - not a Chems fan, but hoped that seeing them live might convert her... sadly not...

A great evening - Calvin Harris live before he changed from singing his own stuff, Erol then the Brothers. Set was pretty much the same as they'd been touring for the few months previous (had seen them at the Roundhouse in late May in the first couple of shows for the WATN album) except for the encore, which kicked off with HTL and the United visual Artists visuals. That version was epic!

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