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BBC 6 Music - The Album Club: Surrender

Started by ThePumisher, Jan 12, 2022, 14:53

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"On Surrender, arguably the finest album Tom
Rowlands and Ed Simons have yet produced, the blend of big,
banging anthems and strung-out chill tunes is almost
perfectly wrought."

'Surrender' the third studio album from The Chemical
Brothers will be inducted into Steve Lamacq's Album Club
tonight - listen on BBC Sounds from 6pm as the record is
played from start to finish.

Quote from Lou Thomas / BBC Music Review 2008

no idea, no idea

Is there any significance to this?

Surrender gets so much attention and praise compared amongst their other albums that all these "inductions", "articles", or "retrospective reviews"seem like they are attempting to recycle internet traffic based off of some algorithm.

Thank you BBC, I would have never known you would consider this a good album after all this time!
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