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Best of The Chemical Brothers - What would be your perfect tracklist?

Started by Ben Glass, Aug 23, 2015, 20:25

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Imagine it's ten years in the future, Tom is living a recluse life in a mansion in the Bahamas, and Ed is a professor of philisophy at Manchester Uni. A retrosective compilation is released to sum up the chems whole career in 160 minutes. What should the tracklist be?

I'm still working on mine, will come back when it's done.

This comes in helpful
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Good thread! I'm going to compile mine when I'm off on Tuesday.

1. Song To The Siren
2. Reel
3. Temptation/Star Guitar
4. Hot Acid Rhythm 1
5. Snow/Surface To Air
6. K+D+B
7. Hot Acid Rhytm 2
8. Here Comes The Drums (Version)
9. K+D+B
no idea, no idea

1. K+D+B
2. Hanna vs Marissa
3. The Pills Won't Help You Now
4. We Are The Night
5. Spring
6. Surface To Air
7. The Sunshine Underground
8. Hoops
9. The Golden Path
10. EBW 08
11. Close Your Eyes
12. Wide Open
13. The Test
14. Get Yourself High
15. I'll See You There
16. Come Inside
17. Direct Buki
18. Theme From Velodrome
19. Battle Scars
20. Chemical Beats
21. Not Another Drugstore
22. EML Ritual
23. Leave Home
24. Hanna's Theme (Vocal Version)
25. Keep My Composure
26. Alive Alone

01. Block Rockin' Beats
02. Loops of Fury
03. Life is Sweet (Daft Punk Remix)
04. Setting Sun
05. Got Glint?
06. Rude Boy Rock
07. Star Guitar
08. Hey Boy Hey Girl
09.  Don't Think
10. Pioneer Skies
11. Marvo Ging
12. Keep Hope Alive
13. Chems Gonna Sort You Out!
14. Spacefuck
15. Stop The Rock

Can't forget Funk Soul Brother
Never for money, always for love.

It doesn't matter
Out of Control
Freak of the week
Music Reaponse
Sunshine Underground
Hey boy hey girl
Come with us
Temptation/Star guitar
Nude Night
Electronic battle weapon 7
We are the night
Midnight madness
Don't think
II'l see you there

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