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Spotify Obsessive - 173 Music Playlists

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Ok, so I spend a lot of time on Spotify making playlists. Anyone else on here have loads of playlist you want to share? I have 173 public playlists on Spotify, most genres.

Here are a couple of Spotify Playlists that may be of interest to you. Please like or follow my profile if you enjoy these )

Chemical Brothers playlists:

Live At The Social playlist

Chemical Brothers Save The Social DJ Set (shared here previously)

Brothers Gonna Work It Out (By Spotify user @AJTomlinson)

Other playlists you might enjoy:

My Top Tracks April 2022 (New playlist updated monthly)

Muzik Top 50 Dance Albums Of All Time Featuring Exit Planet Dust

Muzik Mag: Most Influential Dance Records Of All Time

Mixmag 50 Most Influential Dance Music Albums Of All Time Featuring Dig Your Own Hole

Jockey Slut Magazine - Top 50 Dance Tunes Of All Time Featuring Private Psychedelic Reel & Chemical Beats

Live Electronic + Techno Vol 1 Featuring Setting Sun live & Song To The Siren live

All Music Guide To Electronica (All 5 star albums mentioned in the book) Featuring Exit Planet Dust & Dig Your Own Hole

Andrew Weatherall Jockey Slut Tribute (All songs mentioned in the book) Featuring Song To The Siren, Chemical Beats, Three Little Birdies Down Beats

The Prodigy BPM Mixtape Featuring Chems remix of Voodoo People

10 Moving Electronic Tracks

Songs Sampled by Nightmares On Wax

Machine Soul (An Odyssey Into Electronic Dance Music)- Electronic music classics compilation Featuring Life Is Sweet

Adventures in Wonderland: Decade of Club Culture Book Playlist

The Virgin Encyclopedia Of Dance Music (4 and 5 star albums) Featuring include Exit Planet Dust Dig Your Own Hole

I have loads of other music book playlists and classic music magazine playlists too as I love reading about music history.

I moderate a Music Book Group on Facebook too if you want to join us.

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Sorry, I should have posted this in The Social thread!! Several of the playlists feature Chems but  not all are 100% Chems related. Sorry mods.
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