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Started by whirlygirl, Aug 27, 2015, 06:24

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The old forum didn't have a set of rules or guidelines, everything just sort of evolved. But since we got that lovely bump from HQ the other day and our humble fan forum status is now 'official' - it was kind of a Chembase group decision to post something to this effect.

To be clear: This is not an attempt for the mods and admins here to throw their weight around, power trip, or go bat crazy over people playfully taking the piss, or get bent out of shape when a thread goes off topic! The old forum didn't function that way and we'd like the old ways to continue.

Copyrighted material and sharing: We have covered this before and I'm a mean ogre when it comes to this,  but for the record once again, please don't post links to file sharing copyrighted material - i.e., don't rip Chems albums then share upload links (e.g. zips, file sharing sites etc.) here in the forum. If you are just dying to rip a Chems album to share with someone who for some reason might not have access to purchase it (or whatever the reason) please be discreet and keep it off the forum and find a creative way to share where we don't have to see it. If a post is edited for this reason we aren't doing it to be jerks. We just don't want the powers that be breathing down our necks. We also don't want to make Tom and Ed mad (or cry, that would be horrible).

Trolls: Please don't waste your time and engage them, unless of course it's a group effort to run them off the forum!

Decorum: There's already enough crap going on in the real world, please let's not be crappy to each other! Taking the piss and joking around is all right, even pushing buttons to get a rise out of people is cool up to a point, but please don't cross the line into antagonizing bully territory. Bullying is not cool and neither is name calling. And if you invoke Godwin's Law, you lose.

Stalking: this simply cannot be tolerated. This can't be a place that fosters stalking or harassing of anyone whether it be a forum user, the band, or anyone related to the band.

Spam: I know it's hard but please don't respond. Just report it. There are now enough people to keep this place spic and span all the time!

Aaaaand. I think that's it...!  :music Unless WhiteNoise and Co would like to chime in and clarify.

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I just remembered this post I made back when The Chem Base had just popped up. In fact it might even be my very first post, I'm not sure. Anyway, it's occuring to me now that the video I linked to in that post technically breaks the rules you're stating here, so in case you'd wanna delete/edit it (and the two posts below that quote it) I figured I should make it evident here. I'd edit it myself, but I'm not entirely certain if it does break the rules or how you'd want to deal with the two following posts, so I thought I might bring it up here first.
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Bendy that is completely fine / fair use of the song. The rule is meant to stop people from, say, ripping a copy of the entire AmericanEP and posting a zip that anyone can see.
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Quote from: WhiteNoise on Aug 30, 2015, 14:54

Bendy that is completely fine / fair use of the song. The rule is meant to stop people from, say, ripping a copy of the entire AmericanEP and posting a zip that anyone can see.
Cool, thanks!
The devil is in the details

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