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Jean-Michel Jarre

Started by ThePumisher, Aug 28, 2015, 17:45

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New album "Electronica 1: The Time Machine" will be released on october 16

1. The Time Machine (feat. Boys Noize)
2. Glory (feat. M83)
3. Close Your Eyes (feat. AIR)
4. Automatic (part 1) (feat. Vince Clarke)
5. Automatic (part 2) (feat. Vince Clarke)
6. If..! (feat. Little Boots)
7. Immortals (feat. Fuck Buttons)
8. Suns Have Gone (feat. Moby)
9. Conquistador (feat. Gesaffelstein)
10. Travelator (part 2) (feat. Pete Townshend)
11. Zero Gravity (feat.  Tangerine Dream)
12. Rely On Me (feat. Laurie Anderson)
13. Stardust (feat. Armin van Buuren)
14. Watching You (feat. 3D Del Naja)
15. A Question Of Blood (feat. John Carpenter)
16. The Train & The River (feat. Lang Lang)

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no idea, no idea

This sounds great!

I'm especially intrigued by the Boys Noize and Fuck Buttons collaborations.

The M83 and Massive Attack ones are tasty.

His last few albums were crap but this looks pretty good.

Quote from: ThePumisher on Aug 28, 2015, 17:45

New album "Electronica 1: The Time Machine" will be released on october 16

3. Close Your Eyes (feat. AIR)

Chemical Brothers cover??????

The collabs with Fuck Buttons, Boys Noize, 3D, Tangerine Dream, Pete Townsend and Little Boots sounds very interesting. Armin van Buuren, Air, M83 on the other hand are very obvious.

I heard JMJ say in an interview recently he would like to collaborate with Tom & Ed...

This will be very interesting.

I'm excited by the Pete Townshend, John Carpenter and Boys Noize collabs. The one with 3D is pretty good

It's incredible how many geniuses will appear on this albu ! Moby, Massive Attac, Tangerine Dream...all wih Jean Michel Jarre ! I feel like it's gonn be one of he best electronic albums of the year !

Eeeeh, much less excited about the Pete Townshend track after seeing that trailer  ::) This looks to be Skrillex/The Doors collab kind of bad.

Oh JMJ what have you done to Primal Scream's Come together?


Yeah this is pretty terrible. The whole album is pretty bad :/

I meant to post this over the weekend, its long, but it's awesome to see and hear electronic artists and legends all in one interview.

(Moby, Hans Zimmer, Gary Numan, Little Boots, Julia Holter and of course Jean-Michel)

You'll find it difficult not to fall for Hans Zimmers enthusiasm, plus he'll give you the correct pronunciation of Kraaft-verrk.

Planning on seeing Jean-Michel on tour this May... I'm not sure what to expect (dont want to spoil with youtube videos).

Missed out on Jarre last november but will be going to Zimmer concert this june

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