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the Queen passed

Started by Csar, Sep 08, 2022, 18:24

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Just heard the sad news about the Queen's passing. I've never been a royalist or anything but I always had the upmost respect for her (maybe except for her handling of Diana) and loved her personality. It's truely weird to realize she's not here anymore. She was such a iconic figure throughout all my life.

Farewell, Her Majesty.
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All I can say is this: UK, this is your ideal chance to abolish the monarchy.
Nostalgia for the late Queen Elizabeth II can be milked for centuries and you won't have to pretend that Charles makes a dignified head of state.

Sorry, too soon?
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Ha! BenJ The French Republican shrugging off royal nonsense.

Speaking of Republicans, even Sinn Fein - sometimes referred to as the political wing of the IRA - issued condolences this evening:



And although I'm not a fan of Sinn Fein, I kind of agree with them re: the Queen's approach to her state visit to Ireland in 2011 (as a foreign head of state rather than as a ruler over Ireland) in 2011. An occasion where people from "all sides" of the political spectrum dined with the President of Ireland and the Queen in Dublin to celebrate peace in Ireland. A peace which was achieved in part due to membership of the EU (no borders), and which has been sadly in a precarious position since Brexit, the gift that eh, keeps on giving...

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