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Started by Ben Glass, Aug 30, 2015, 11:11

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I've really enjoyed all the stuff RDJ has been putting out over the past year or so. It's great he finally started sharing again. The officla album was a lot of fun, but all the soundcloud stuff etc has been particularly interesting, on a nerdy level.

this track from the latest batch of uploads is lovely


I find mr. Twin highly overrated.

I did not understand the love for Syro.

I played it once and it will most likely stay in my CD rack forever. It sounded like a bunch of demos.

Quote from: Enjoyed on Aug 30, 2015, 12:47

I did not understand the love for Syro.

I played it once and it will most likely stay in my CD rack forever. It sounded like a bunch of demos.

It is exactly that (kind of). That is a bunch of previously unreleased material he had there, so he compiled some and finished others that needed to be retouched or redo some songs.
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I'm in an Aphex Twin marathon right now, so obviously I enjoy his stuff. It does often take time to grow, as it's not immediately likable. I guess you can say he's brilliant in a polarizing way.

Come To Daddy is one like that where I wan't too much into it originally, but I really enjoy the variety on the album (EP?).

I didn't like Syro either. But lots of stuff in the ton of tracks he's been putting on Soundcloud these last months is gold ! And then of course, some of his older albums are classics.

I could just go on, he did so many good things... So, underrated ? Hell no, he is the most prolific electronic artist on Earth, and not many artists can pretend to master such a wide variety of genres...
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Aphex Twin - Peel Session May 12th 1992 / Live From Sheffield Hallam University 1993

no idea, no idea

first official video since 1999 (windowlicker)

Aphex Twin
4xAtlantis take1

Richard D. James (aka Aphex Twin) has shared a new demo. It's called "4xAtlantis take1," and it was "made to test out the Poly CV feature on the Cirklon," a rep for sequencer manufacturer Sequentix has confirmed to Pitchfork. (He also used 4 Intellijel Atlantix modules to make "4xAtlantis take1.") The track arrives in Sequentix's new video from the Berlin electronic music and gear fair Superbooth. Check out James' demo in the video below. Last year, Aphex Twin released the Cheetah EP. The seven-track effort included two songs named after Sequentix's Cirklon: "CIRKLON3 [Колхозная mix]," and "CIRKLON 1." The former came with a music video directed by a child (which Pitchfork named the No. 21 best video of 2016).


That demo is great!

Not a massive fan of his uber-experiemntal druqs esque stuff, that was a bit toooo out there for my ears, but selected ambient works 85-92 is in my top 3 albums of all time along with dig your own hole and up in flames. It is an astoundingly good record.

Yesterday, NTS did a live video stream for Richard D. at Field Day Festival in London. Interesting set as always.

and don't forget RDJ released an exclusive 11 track vinyl at Field Day that was sold out.

Shame there isn't a WXAXRXP topic on this forum (unless someone can point me in the right direction).

this is fucking gorgeous, wow, thanks ben_j
Eight or over.

thanks for the share!
Eight or over.

Well, just found this thread.

I need to admit, that I got into the RDJ stuff quite recently, which is like the 8months ago, so It's still the fresh thing for me and I need to say, that I haven't heard something like this before. Just don't know if he's more of freak, or genius.

My two fav tracks has to be "Heliosphan" and
"Mt Saint Michel + St Michaels Mount"

I wish to see him performing something like the DrukQs album live by using both synths and acoustic stuff controled by the computer.
But as much as I love DrukQs, I have to admit, that Computer Controled... EP is more like the experiments, than the proper tracks, some of them I think are even put to troll the fans, coz they will still buy it and say, that it's amazing xD

And that's what I love in AFX, He truly is a genius, but also a total goofing freak :D
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