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New Sci-fi Book Pays Homage To The Brilliant Chemical Brothers

Started by RyCat, Oct 22, 2022, 16:44

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Hi guys! I wrote a fucking novel! I am massively inspired by the work of The Chemical Brothers and to add to the acid trip that was the story I even quote lyrics which inspired me.

Infinity is the story of The Boy; a young writer who loses everything and decides to escape an unpalatable life through an overdose of psychedelics and cocaine blended into a milk shake. He awakens in the taxi of a seven-foot tall white rabbit with natty dreads and a Rastafarian accent. The Boy is banished to the Sixth millennia, in a society called the Government of Human Beings where he is ruled over by The Human Constitution. The Man, a licensed Dad and Confusion Age Historian finds the crying Boy and decides to provide him with protection and tutelage to quickly prepare him to face Infinity. An accident leaves The Boy alone again and uncertain whether he is hallucinating or dead The Boy enlists to fight a war for a dream world that is not his own. Along the way he accidentally uncovers the Garden of Eden and discovers humanity's true origin. Infinity probes the full-spectrum of raw human nature, exploring concepts of purpose, family, morality, crime, value, and the implications of what a physical Infinity means to our daily lives.


"How in the fuck does this help me?" spate The Boy.
"Simple. It's by first understanding where you are – where you truly are – that you can actually see what you're standing in, boy."
"And what am I standing in, truly?"
"You are smack dab in the middle of Infinity and you will never escape. You are in Infinity forever and an infinite amount of things has, are, and will happen to you here. You just don't recall it yet. Yes, it is possible for you to be here. In Infinity all things occur just the same amount of times as they don't. You just happened to have bounced into a reality track where this possibility happens."
The hair on The Boy's neck and arms raised as he was goose bumped by the words. The entire square had gone quiet, and it felt as though everyone we're staring at him.
"If you ever change your mind about leaving it all behind, remember, remember, no geography. Me, you, and me. Him, and her, and them too," The Man pointed a stout finger at the others in the park with them, "you and me too. I'll take y'all. I'll take ya along with me," said The Man.
The Man smiled at The Boy.
He was struck by the abyssal depths of pride and Platonic, masculine love transmitted in The Man's face. The gaze made The Boy feel like he was the perfect son who had made his father the proudest man to ever exist. The Boy was full of tears and yet too ashamed to cry.
The Boy smiled back.
This passing moment of male love shared between humans ended and The Man disappeared.
A black wall appeared directly in front of The Boy. Dust swirled all around him as the concussive trauma from the events began to subside and data resumed transfer through his nervous system. Yet his brain did not comprehend the new input. He did register a woman screaming in the background.
The sculpture they had stopped next to was a classic, pop-culture icon. The Cube was a favorite to many and known humanity-wide. It was a massive obsidian cube twenty-five meters on each side perfectly balanced on one of its eight corners. An imperceptible seismic event had upset its equilibrium with gravity.
A puddle of blood formed around The Boy's feet. He looked down at his pants and shirt and realized that he was covered in tissue and blood which had been sprayed on The Boy in the instants the massive stone murdered twelve people that day.
The Boy finally noticed that it was he who had screamed. 

If you want to check it out it's for sale on Amazon.com. (Link to the book)

It's the first edition of the first book I've written and I did it all on an illegal prison cellphone while serving a life sentence in a California prison. Please be gentle... Or don't I guess. I hope that someone here will find it entertaining.

Hi RyCat, sorry, I just accidentially banned you out of habit regarding posts like this. Just reversed the ban. If you can't get on, clear your browser cache and try logging in again! Sorry!
"You cannot eat money, oh no. You cannot eat money, oh no. When the last tree has fallen and the rivers are poisoned, you cannot eat money, oh no."
— Aurora (The Seed)

Michael Brownstein is actually responsible for the "No Geography" quote/lyrics.

I'm not much of a book reader, but congrats on completing a novel.

And serving a life sentence?  I'm absolutely curious as to why, but afraid I'll be disappointed in hearing the answer. I suppose this means you're still in prison?

Either way, impressive feat. Good luck.
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Thank you! I only knew about Mr. Brownstone because of the No Geography track, but it so perfectly fit into the story of being taught to effectively navigate an Infinity by first discarding concepts like geography. In the book The Human Constitution doesn't allow for more than arbitrary lines of jurisdiction used for administration of the node (like a city or nation). People can move where they please in the Government of Human Beings. Being human is the only requirement for for citizenship in every node at any point of space. Yes. I am still in prison for the crime of torture. If it's of any consolation I'm a nice guy, my torture victim paid for my trial attorney and testified that they lied to get revenge on me. But it's all gravy. Everyone in here is innocent, so fuck me. What I am doing is trying to get people interested in me as a person with Infinity. My next book is Con-Sumption - Conviction by assumption of guilt and memoirs of life incarcerated. It's about the case. See, I'm a complete dumbass who made the choices a dumbass makes. But I am not a torturer. Meh. I guess I am. Either way, I've never been arrested before this and had no clue about the reality of The System. I'd like to share the reality with people because it is beautiful what we do.  :) If you are interested I am compiling all my documents. I figure people will be calling bullshit on Consumption so I was gonna scan the documents which prove what I am saying and put them on a website for everyone to check. I was convicted because I confessed... Except I was unconscious at that time. The medical records that prove that have been "procedurally barred" from review by the apoealate courts so, I'm kinda fucked unless people care about me. God bless attorneys every where. May they live forever.

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