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Oh it was all going so well...

Started by Chops, Sep 02, 2015, 18:18

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So, background is that when me and my 6 yr old son have a bath, we stick some tunes on and listen to whatever.  And we also listen to a wide range of stuff in the car. i dont force feed him the Chems or tell him he has to listen.
Anyway, am running the bath and he has a request:

"Dad, can you play that one that goes shake break bounce bounce"

Bit surprised but i oblige and stick on the artist radio thing and it chucks out BRB, four minutes of going mental and water going everywhere. Then it began in afrika turns up and he's naming animal sounds, going "Ka" four million times and generally grooving along and i'm starting to feel quite proud. I had said nothing i just let the music do the work but he was captivated and well into it and just i was getting emotional, the shuffle then produced EBW7.  I said nothing but it was the second "You are all my children now" when he made a face and a shriek and he was out the bath and dry and running downstairs quicker than he ever has before!!.

Ah well, just thought i'd share.

Haha, hilarious! You might have scared him for life! He'll probably won't touch any chems music ever again. Maybe you should let him know what was playing. Or wait, when he's grown up, let's say in his mid-teen years, show him the Freddy Kruger scene :D.
Oh man, that poor little fella.
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I'm not sure he will remember which artist did what, he's not that into music and its nice to see him starting to. with some class!

i think i should maybe try doing a playlist next time of about 10 big non scary hits and see how he gets on.

My eldest daughter (9 now) had similar experience liking galvanize in the car when she was a baby but the last thing she said about the chems was when i heard SIFSD for 1st time and she asked why i was jumping about and i told her it was new chemical brothers single and she replied "I didnt think the the chemical brothers were still alive"

The crazy shit kids do with the chems. My wife showed my son Don't Think and the clowns kinda freaked him out. Is that normal for a 18 month old? I was aiming to ease him in, but her method is all good fun too.

(obligatory Simpsons quote: "Can't sleep, clowns will eat me..."

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