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Short 5 minute Doc from 1997

Started by Audio228, Apr 09, 2023, 15:53

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All these old MTV interviews/blurbs that we've come across are so damn bizarre to see. MTV actually making the time to sell The Chemical Brothers is very much a world I was never part of. Not to their fault, I was just a couple of years too young and missed the bubble.

Very thankful to those that saved this stuff. Thanks for sharing.

That video shouldn't be watched if you're open for epilepsy.
no idea, no idea

They are just wee lads here! Blast from the past - What a cool share! ;D  

I used to watch soooo much MTV as kid in the 80's,  though viewing less and less as the 90's marched on. Loved MTV's Amp especially! 
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- Which effects should I put on that interview ?
- Yes.

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