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Started by Csar, Jun 30, 2023, 22:16

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Ok, so Elmo apparently has decided that non-registered users of his precious "social" network are no longer allowed to even see content of public, or any, accounts for that matter, eventually rendering them non-users.

This means
a) the link for the Chems in the header is going to be useless for anyone without an account and
b) Newly embedded tweets might become buggy or non-working (old ones are still cached)

Poor Explud. He just came up with a fix for the embed issue and the Elmo just said "hell no".
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I have had enough of that barrel chested apartheid clyde emerald baby south african billionaire terminally divorced chud....that's my PSA 
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In all fairness, Instagrams functionality is also severely limited unless you have an account.

The latest genious "feature" on the Bird app is to restrict access even for it's own users, limiting visible posts to 600/day for normal users and 6000/day for subscribers (in reality, this might have to do with Twitter refusing to pay its Amazon bill: I wouldn't be surprised if this is what lead to locking out non-users.

Musk has not the faintest clue what features would make a subscription interesting or attractive for the average user. He caters pretty much exclusively to his liberterian and/or right/far-right fanbase and the cap there for users willing to pay for this platform has been reached more or less, everybody else (even those with free accounts) will be leaving (or stop using Twitter) as it turns more into Parler/Truth Social/4chan (or just breaks down before that can happen, because suprisingly all those engineers he fired weren't employed by Twitter out of goodwill). So it will also be less and less attractive to use for advertisers and public figures.
The only good thing to come out of this is that Musk will probably loose all of the $44 billion he spent on Twitter. The bad thing is, of course, that his wealth is so insane that this doesn't even make a teeny-tiny difference (Tax billionaires out of existence)

Looks like it's the Google bills that Musk is refusing to pay, but, same story.
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