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FTBF - New Album Special on Cutters Choice Radio - 15th Sep 2023 @ 5pm BST

Started by hubie, Sep 14, 2023, 15:51

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Hi all. I just thought I'd let you know that I'm doing another Chemical Brothers special on the radio, this time celebrating the release of For That Beautiful Feeling  :music

This special will showcase a handful of new tunes from the album mixed with various block rockin' beats from Tom & Ed's back catalogue. I'll do my best to squeeze in at least one tune from each of the previous albums, plus maybe a few extra surprises.

Tune in, hold tight, and join us in the chatroom this Friday @ 5pm UK time - live and direct on Cutters Choice Radio!

:music Listen LIVE: http://cutterschoiceradio.com

Missed a previous show? Stream & download on SoundCloud & Mixcloud: http://hubiesounds.com/links


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Sorry, hubie, I missed the livestream. But I'm looking forward to the replay!
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LISTEN AGAIN! Hubie Sounds 028 - Chemical Brothers New Album Special - broadcast 15th September on Cutters Choice Radio...

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Big ups to everyone who tuned in live and joined us in the chatroom. We love your ears! If you enjoyed the show, let us know by leaving a comment below 👇

Here's the tracklist:

01. The Charlatans - Nine Acre Dust (Chemical Brothers Remix)
02. The Chemical Brothers - Magic Wand
03. The Chemical Brothers - EML Ritual
04. The Chemical Brothers - Free Yourself
05. The Chemical Brothers Ft. Halo Maud - Live Again (Extended Mix)
06. The Chemical Brothers - Don't Think
07. The Chemical Brothers - Feels Like I Am Dreaming
08. The Chemical Brothers - MAH
09. The Chemical Brothers - Electronic Battle Weapon 1
10. The Chemical Brothers - Electronic Battle Weapon 3
11. The Chemical Brothers - Enjoyed
12. The Chemical Brothers - It Began In Afrika
13. The Chemical Brothers - We Are The Night
14. James Asher - Asian Workshop
15. The Chemical Brothers - The Sunshine Underground
16. The Chemical Brothers - I'll See You There (Hubie Edit)
17. The Chemical Brothers - Goodbye
18. The Chemical Brothers - Swoon
19. The Chemical Brothers Ft. Beck - Skipping Like A Stone (Extended Mix)
20. The Chemical Brothers - Surface To Air
21. The Chemical Brothers - Wonders of the Deep
22. The Chemical Brothers - One Too Many Mornings
23. The Specials - You're Wondering Now

❗️This show hasn't been uploaded to Mixcloud as they block uploads containing multiple tracks by the same artist. Sorry Mixcloud crew.

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📸 Original Chemical Brothers artwork by Nicholas Krushenick.

🛒 The Chemical Brothers album For That Beautiful Feeling is  available to stream & download from the usual platforms and outlets. Don't hold back!

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