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Found some beers

Started by sneakerbeater, Dec 22, 2023, 13:05

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I found some beers in my local bottle shop, I
 thought I'd post them here as they are very apt!

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Quote from: sneakerbeater on Dec 22, 2023, 13:05
I found some beers in my local bottle shop
Ha, very good! These are real then (real ale!?), and they're all the way from West Coast USA.

Clearly somebody there likes their "European/UK" electronic music, with another one called Orbital, and there's Groovy Train (a reference to the baggy hit by Liverpool's The Farm?). We get Big Love which is the title of Pete Heller's best known hit - Heller of course did a Chems remix. Oh and don't forget Block Hoppy Beats - another Chems reference.
An artist who may have been unofficially sampled by the Chems (and who currently appears in the 2015 Chems Xmas mix on the front page of the forum)  - David Bowie - gets a nod too with Hunky Dory here (small batch).

Incidentally I think Brian Can't Surf is a reference to Brian Wilson - the Beach Boy who couldn't surf (so I guess not everyone's "gone surfing USA").

That list also has me thinking of an old guilty pleasures track:

Or maybe Pump It Up refers to this

PS the artwork for "Hey Boy" and "Hey Girl" is a reference to The Shining isn't it? Maybe a skeletal reference to the HBHG vid too?

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