Galloping Horse Silver Techno tune

Started by Mippio, Jan 17, 2024, 23:06

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Ok this is VERY important. Forumites around in the early to mid noughties will remember their dj sets at the time contained an absolute BANGER lovingly christened 'the galloping horse silver techno tune' - because errrrrr well it galloped like a horse and it definitely had a silver hue to it 😆 well, I managed to convert my partner to the Chems (not difficult tbh) and I was playing her the NY Centro-Fly 2003 dj set (which I believe our pal Mad Pooter went too and you could hear him cheering during get yourself high LOL) and pointing out some of the edits, like the beat the clock sparks edit with the Africa sample and weird alarm clock bells and other bangers, and then the galloping horse silver techno tune came on and I regaled tales of the Heaven glint parties and the Turnmills nights and how the whole room went from toasty to red hot when they played it and the filter sweeps and bass drop in the club were insanity. I lamented how after years of research it had never been identified and was probably an edit they'd done or something. ANYWAY she only bloody Shazammed it and it only bloody came up this time didn't it 😆🙈😱 I genuinely wet my pants a little bit, ladies and gentlemen here is - the galloping horse silver techno tune! (it's pretty tough and raw in the cold light of day LOL but dang it worked in their sets! Banger!)


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Hello Mippio!

This thread has been 20 years in the making, can't believe it has finally been ID !

How I miss those turmills nights and all those wonderful tunes we were treated to. 
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Wow! We totally overestimated that track being a Tom and Ed track. Good find Mips.
That would have blown my mind. If I had a mind.
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OK. I now understand why this was called the Galloping Horse Silver Techno Tune (that is quite a mouthful as it is an earful, haha).

Damn. Everything about this is a deep cut :D What an insane tune!
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meanwhile, co-fusion is our there somewhere, wondering why their view count suddenly spiked.

Conceptualized from Pink Floyd's - "On The Run" and Underworld's - "King of Snake", perhaps?

Quote from: Bosco on Jan 19, 2024, 23:36
Conceptualized from Pink Floyd's - "On The Run" and Underworld's - "King of Snake", perhaps?
definitely getting this vibe. nicely done mippio!
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