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Record Store Day 2024

Started by Wolkenkrabber, Feb 15, 2024, 20:56

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The list is out. I must admit that, unless something exclusive/unreleased by a favourite artist is included, I don't get excited about this thing anymore.
But if you want a splatter vinyl version of Orbital's Green Album, they've got you covered.

Want a Zoetrope picture disc (Fatboys head) of some Fatboy Slim tracks remixed? RSD's got you covered. Everybody Loves A Remix

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And if you want to own an 80's dance/disco 12" from before house/rave, RSD's got you covered: Precious Little Diamond
I believe The Wknd sampled this in quite a big way (Wanderlust).

Fox The Fox - Precious Little Diamond (Ben Liebrand 12" mix)
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This one might be fun for all you Chemical Brothers Extended Universe collectors:

UK only. FYI.

EDIT: They keep updating the url for the image! Argh! Replaced with a downloaded and reuploaded version, because the internet is stoopid.
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I'd really like a RSD EP with tracklist like:
1. Full, unedited, DJ version of Dreaming as they play in DJ sets.
2. Too Hot
3. Usual Dub mix of one of the album track
4. Some new, or already released remix.
Where do I start?
Where do I begin?

I'd just like a 12" of Papal Disco. Please & thank you.

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