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What mix of Hey Boy Hey Girl during DJ set?

Started by JeffChrist, Sep 09, 2015, 12:52

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Does anyone have an idea of what remix this is? I think one of them was DJing at a club and dropped this. I haven't heard anything about it besides this short video. It's a much darker mix and it's probably my favorite.

There was a discussion on the Old Forums about this remix, but it wasn't identified as far as I remember.

Wasn't identified, but more importantly, that's not the Chems DJing. We thought Tom and Ed had played it, but we're pretty sure that video was from someone else's set.
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I'd love to know which remix this is and if it is available anywhere, regardless of who was the DJ.
But yes, I also think it's someone else. I think there is only one person behind the decks in this video.

The venue this is being played at is Ministry of Sound and the Gallery is every Friday where they usually play trance. If you look at the date of the video you maybe able to work out which night this happened and who was playing it.

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