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Started by Wolkenkrabber, Sep 11, 2015, 18:35

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Everything Everything in Chicago in April. Joywave supporting Metric in Indianapolis in March. Kraftwerk/Caribou/Boyz Noise/Four Tet/John Digweed/Scuba plus more in Detroit in May. And now New Order too?!?

Never for money, always for love.

Quote from: Skyscraper on Oct 19, 2015, 17:59

Well I reckon it's been a good month since I've posted on here (not that y'all care). And that's at least in part down to me being distracted by Music Complete. I'm not sure that Tutti Frutti is one of my personal faves but it's been growing on me.

If you're reading this Nick.DJ, I think the Italian lyrics are as follows:
Tutti Frutti
Amore mio
Tutti frutti
Non è ancora il momento di entrare.
Non è ancora il momento di...

And later on:
Non mi interessa il nome vero
Non mi interessa la vita reale
Quella canzone
E tu? Sei tutti frutti

WhichI think translates as:
Tutti Frutti
My love
Tutti Frutti
It is not yet time to enter (or, to go??)
It is not yet time to ...

I don't care about your real name
I don't care about real life
That song
And you? You are Tutti Frutti

Nick can you confirm, or correct this if I have anything wrong?

I'll  do a seperate post on Tom Rowlands involvement with this track (and the other two MC tracks), but for now New Order are releasing this as a single. Supposedly this is out tomorrow as per THIS.  And possibly today in some territories.
It will also be released on 12" with an extended version of the original, and weirdly a "vinyl edit" of the Hot Chip remix. I'm not sure why they can't fit the full 11.43 of that remix on one side of a 12"...
Anyway the Hot Chip remix is damn fine IMO. Perhaps better than the original. See what you think:

I think the lyrics are:
Tutti frutti
Amore mio
Tutti frutti
Non è ancora il momento di diventare (or entrare)
Non è ancora...


Non mi interessa il mondo vero
Non mi interessa la vita reale
Quella canzone
E tu? sei tutti  frutti
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Quote from: Skyscraper on Jan 25, 2016, 02:56

One final piece of news: Singularity will be the next single, due out in March. Mixes (on the 12") will be:
Extended Mix (I don't know if that'll be the same one on the 8-piece vinyl)
Mark Reeder Duality remix
Erol Alkan's Extended Mix (Whoop!  Looking forward to this)
ZS Zeiter Dub.

Heard this Erol mix.  Liking it. As you might expect, it's more 'dancable' than the original but remains reasonably faithful to it.


Ok, so now the tracklist for the CD single of Singularity has been announced. Some of the mixes are different from  the 12".  Tom Rowland's Tutti Frutti remix gets a physical release here for those who like to own Chemical stuff in that form (mind you, Tom contributed to Singularity anyway, so I guess the same applies). I imagine that Erol's Stripped mix is going to sound similar to the first couple of minutes of his Extended Rework, but we shall have to wait and see...
(I believe the 12" mentioned in the post above will come with a download code for those wanting to have all the mixes on their computer/phone etc).

1    Singularity (Single Edit)    
2    Singularity (Extended Mix)    
3    Singularity (Erol Alkan's Stripped Mix)    
4    Singularity (Mark Reeder's Duality Remix Edit)    
5    Singularity (JS Zeiter Remix)    
6    Tutti Frutti (Tom Rowland's Remix)

Add me to the laundry list of people who "finally" listened to the new album...

holy feck! I tutti frutti'ed all over myself this album is so good!!!

So amped to see them in a few weeks!

I also finally listened to it the other day. It's a lot of fun! I've never been a huge New Order fan, but I always tell people how much better they are than Joy Division (who I can't stand) and this album made me feel good about telling people that.

'Plastic' is my favourite tune. Kinda hoping they play Glastonbury now.

I have not gotten around to the album, but the songs I have listened to have been well worth the listen.

Oddly enough, I wake up with Tutti Frutti playing in my head. Usually it is Tom's version, but not always.
i love chem bros omg!!!!!!!!!!!!

It's gonna be a triple dip on Singularity.
Vinyl for extended mix
Cd for radio edit, tutti frutti Tom mix and Erols stripped version
Download for all the above and Erols Extended version

And the album for Unlearn the Hatred.
New Order is making collectors pay.
(I'm probably just going to get the download)

Singularity is by far the best track on Music: Complete. I don't like Plastic or Tutti Frutti at all. Stray Dog is good and I like Academic and Nothing but a Fool. Superheated sounds like the Killers covered by New Order which is OK in my book.

Can someone help my out with Unlearn the Hatred extended version? (pm thk u)
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Quote from: Enjoyed on Feb 28, 2016, 00:03

Kinda hoping they play Glastonbury now.
This is happening. Saturday night, the "Other stage". Announcement soon.


That ties in well with Underworld being busy on the Saturday...

Quote from: Bosco on Feb 27, 2016, 01:04

Add me to the laundry list of people who "finally" listened to the new album...

holy feck! I tutti frutti'ed all over myself this album is so good!!!

So amped to see them in a few weeks!

It took me long enough, too!

But I first heard it in its entirety in late January, when I was road tripping to Arizona. Fantastic album - New Order still got it going on!
Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle.

I'm joining the ranks of people just now getting around to the album.

This is... their best. The strongest, most solid offering I've ever heard from them. IMO their albums tend to be a bit hit and miss, you know, a mix of their always-good hits alongside a pretty even distribution of great cuts and worse cuts. But Music Complete is absolute non-stop hits and good cuts. I'll do a track by track later, I'm blown away by it, but for right now I just want to highlight Nothing But A Fool as one of the best songs they've done in years:

Fully expect to lose my shit this Wednesday.
Never for money, always for love.

Being an album without Peter Hook, this album is sooo much better than it has any right to be!  I wouldn't rank it with my favorites in their discography, but it is really fucking good.  On a side note, there's nothing like finding out that New Order was in NYC the same time as you but that their $90 tix @ Radio City Music Hall were already sold out.  :(

Really awesome show in Chicago last week. I love the Chicago Theatre but it wasn't the right venue for the dancey vibe of New Order. We were really restricted by the seated venue to move around too much, and I wanted to get my freak on. That being said, if it was a non-seated venue I don't think the older fans would have been present, which made up a great portion of the attendance. Thumbs up to the 40+! ;D

Their set list is so great. I was greatly surprised by the live rendition of "Waiting For the Sirens' Call" (awesome visuals to boot!). And of course "Temptation" is just a thing of beauty. That song never gets old, and gives you such a rush of serenity while being played live. The only down time was surprisingly, "Blue Monday". I know it's there most successful single and I love the song, but goddamn if sucked the energy out of the show. It really was the only time during the night that if felt like they let go of the rope.

Additionally, It was great seeing My boyz Whitenoise and Androidgeoff again. Love you bruvs
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