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Uh... everything's perfectly all right now. We're fine. We're all fine here now, thank you. How are you?

Five new remixes out today. Although most of them have been knocking around non-comercially (or in Japan) for a while now.

The link in the tweet doesn't work. But they're all in a playlist
. DL from usual places.
Am I the only one who thinks of Direct Buki when I listen to this Takkyu Ishino remix?

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New Order to 're-imagine' their back catalogue at Manchester shows with 12-piece synth ensemble


Part of one of these gigs was streamed live on BBC.co.uk and facebook last night at short notice. No Blue Monday, no True Faith, no Temptation. Some songs that haven't been played for decades (including "Decades").  Only part of the gig was streamed, so you get: Shellshock,Guilt Is a Useless Emotion (ugh!), Subculture (Yay!), Bizarre Love Triangle, Vanishing Point (Yess!) and Plastic. The Setlists for these gigs are worth a look. I'm not sure if this YT footage will stay up...


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Incredible memory, research, and detail, Whitenoise.

I really need to be careful what I say and do around you in the future. Because if this is any indication of how well you soak in information, something might comeback to bite me in the ass.  :))
Haha. I'm really, really weird about memory. I can forever remember odd details of my childhood, any song I've ever heard once, and posts I haven't responded to for months, but not to pay insurance, due dates of homework assignments, or where my car keys are...

Don't worry about me remembering weird shit about you - I tend to forget all the negative stuff anyway.

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You may wish to browse through Setlist FM.
Never did prior to the gig - wanted to keep it a surprise - but now very aware what a live favorite it is.

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(see Temptation Live in Glasgow on youtube)
My whole expectation for the performance. Cannot say their performance lived up to this. Also can't say any other performance I've listened to ever has!

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Ceremony was written and demo'd by Joy Division
Always been aware of this! There's something emotive about Ceremony I haven't found in any other Joy Division song - especially in light of certain interpretations of the lyrics - and I've listened to every version I can track down, including the rare few recordings of them performing it with Curtis.

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I shall be dispatchng a team of highly trained ninjas accross the Atlantic to beat this opinion out of you forthwith.
It's an excellent song! I just wasn't "there" for it. Authenticity is important and I'm not gonna act like it was something more to me than it is.

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As Bernard says himself, people are entitled to hear this song, especially if they haven't heard it live before. But those of us who have seen NO a few times are a bit tired of it. I understand why they play it though.
I get this - having even seen some of the performances where Bernard is audibly sick of playing it, Reading 98 in particular - but in the end it's a warhorse, and it all comes down to the hardcore fans wanting a rarities tour in their backyard over hearing the hit one more time.

Speaking of a rarities tour, Kylie did it. Orbital is apparently thinking of doing it too...

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I have the WAV parts to BM '83 on my laptop courtesy of Peter Hook incidentally. No fade out.
Nice! You just call him up and ask?
Never for money, always for love.

Androidgeoff and I just saw them play Riot Fest here in Chicago and it was incredible. The crowd's enthusiasm was totally unexpected for a mostly punk rock festival. It seemed like the band totally soaked in the the warm reception from the crowd.

Here's Tom and Ed presenting Bernard Sumner from New Order with his lifetime achievement award (O2 Silver Clef Award) in aid of music therapy charity Nordoff Robbins ,  a couple of days ago.

New Order were definitely music-therapy to my ears when i got into them as a teenage art student 1988-91 , so many great songs , and album covers. Lookin forward to seeing them headline BlueDot Festival in a couple of weeks.

" Everybody  jumpin out of their mind  "

I've modified the thread title (which I started) as the "Music Complete" bit is about 5 years old now.

Might be of interest to one or two people here.
These MIF gigs were the "deeper cut" gigs they did at Manchester's old Granada TV studios in 2017. Smaller venue/crowd than usual. 12 piece "synth orchestra" behind them who were (in theory) playing live a lot of the bits that are normally on Apple Mac's.
NO Blue Monday/True Faith/Temptation. But don't let that put you off; it's great!
Imagine if the Chems did a deep cuts gig with no HBHG etc for a smaller audience. You'd love it.
T minus 3 hours

(didn't embed - emojis)

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☝️ A bit underwhelming if you ask me. Sounds like an Electronic (Bernard's side project band) track more than a New Order track to me.
Much more exciting is this! Power Corruption & Lies definitive box set, out today.

If the final minute of this (3.35 onwards) doesn't make you feel alive, then you're already dead.

More on YouTube


Could be posted either here or in the Soulwax thread...

Several years ago a UK travel company declared that Blue Monday was the third Monday in January - when people are supposedly feeling the "bluest" that they will feel all year.
BBC 6 Music has decided to counteract the blueness of this Monday by doing an all day Desert Island Disco with various contributors including Joe Goddard and Alison Goldfrapp.

They also got Soulwax involved - the Dewaele's decided to do a 20 minute remix/megamix of New Order's Blue Monday using the parts/stems of the original 83 version, plus the original dub B-side version (The Beach) and some live TV show versions etc.
You can listen to it  here.

David Holmes has done a desert island mix too. (EDIT: HIs mix actually carries on into the first 5 mins of the Alison Goldfrapp section)
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Quote from: Ben_j on Jan 17, 2022, 17:57

Someone ripped it
Hmm, that's actually more complete and Lauren-free than the 6 Music broadcast. Soulwax secretly sneaked it out somewhere?..

Quote from: Wolkenkrabber on Jan 17, 2022, 18:54

Hmm, that's actually more complete and Lauren-free than the 6 Music broadcast. Soulwax secretly sneaked it out somewhere?..
Could be. Overweight Karate Kid has connections and often releases exclusive Soulwax stuff

Quote from: Ben_j on Jan 17, 2022, 17:57

Someone ripped it

Glad I actually got around to listening to this. It was surprisingly enjoyable.

Do they have any other 20 minute versions of a motha fuckin' record or is it just this one?

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Glad I actually got around to listening to this. It was surprisingly enjoyable.
I have to confess I find it too long and I got bored after a few minutes  :(

I think my initial expectations were low. I also had it on in the background while playing League.

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