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Lights Magic Lines - WishUp

Started by LML, Oct 23, 2015, 04:40

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Hi everyone!
We want to present you our first track)
What you think about it?

Title: WishUp
Composer: Lights Magic Lines
Style: Electronic
Specifications: 128 kbps  / 10:44



Congrats, I think it sounds really good!
My only complaint would be the 128 kbps. We don't live in a time anymore where we have to sacrifice disk space for quality.
Edit: I didn't notice the low quality settings on Youtube. At higher settings, the sound quality is fine :-)
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Yo, I listened to this when you first posted it. You probably aren't even going to read this, because you just posted this once to get publicity.

But I thought it was cool.

You should probably use a different font for your logo, and just different visual design in general. Made me assume "cheap EDM" when I first saw.

That's all.
Never for money, always for love.

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