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Why The Chemical Brothers and Daft Punk are not collaborating?

Started by rajatmusic, Jan 14, 2016, 09:54

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I am Wondering both artists The Chemical Brothers and Daft Punk has been entertaining with their music from last 20+ years but except one remix life is sweet (daft punk remix) and Da Funk (The chemical Brothers Remix) they have nothing except these two.

Because Daft Punk is now a jam band and Ed Simons does not like it when Tom jams.
i love chem bros omg!!!!!!!!!!!!

The better question is: Why no collaboration with two of the four Beatles. Or with Scooter.

Quote from: androidgeoff on Jan 14, 2016, 11:04

Ed Simons does not like it when Tom jams.
That's why he always puke at the end of the shows when Tom grabs the keyboard and was totally upset with him playing the guitar at the EMAs in Edinburgh
no idea, no idea

It would make sense given they toured together in 1996 (with DP as an opening act) but at this point it seems unlikely given how scarce the robots are compared to the Chems.
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Quote from: rajatmusic on Jan 14, 2016, 09:54

Da Funk (The chemical Brothers Remix)

This track is fake. It's just a fan made mash up.

Liam Howlett once answered a question why he doesn't collaborate with the Chemical Brothers. He said: "Tom and Ed are my boys but that wouldn't work. You can't put 2 producers together to collaborate."

Probably same reason why Daft Punk and the Chemical Brothers will never collaborate.

Yeah... if they wanted to collaborate, they would have already. I think there's an obscure pre-robots (LEET UNMASKED) interview with Daft Punk where you see one of them talking to Tom on a bus, that would be the last collaboration!

Plus... is Daft Punk actually in the same genre as The Chemical Brothers anymore?
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As Daft Punk furthers their career, I'm finding it harder that they were capable of this:

well the qurestion ive thought is that for 2010 tron legacy ed and tom did not mix any of the songs even though daft punk mixed life is sweet
tom, ed can i meet you? please?

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