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Started by WhiteNoise, Apr 01, 2016, 05:28

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Greetings Chemical Bromances and Sisters!

As we get excited for the comeback tour of My Chemical Romance, we are celebrating by bringing back an old favorite and taking questions from YOU. 

That's right, Gerard Way will* answer selected questions and we'll post** the answers*** both here and on our main website. 

Please post your question and it will be considered. 

Some tips:
- Please stick to questions about emo makeup techniques vs complaints about the background gif. Complaints can be made elsewhere.
- Please try and check out your profile's Look and Layout options as we proceed, so you don't have to ask how to put the forum back to something tolerable to look at.
- Like a match you strike to incinerate / The lives of everyone you know.
- Trolls of all kinds will be unceremoniously put in charge of the forum's administration and visual themes.
- Good humor and tolerance of April Fools pranks are a plus.

We'll post answers from Gerard in the coming months, coming defined as "sometime in the next 10 billion".

That's all for now - stay tuned for the day after April Fools day, when WhiteNoise puts the forum back to normal.

*eat breakfast, then carry about his day with most likely no knowledge of this, and will not
**discussions and topics centered around a chemical-named band that actually matters, and whose music most certainly contains
***to life, happiness, great jerk chicken recipes, and especially to 'who has the best live electronic show around', and who maintain their online presence

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Never for money, always for love.

OMG gerard!!!!!
1st i just wan 2 say how much i luv u and ur music. i hav a hard time @ skool becoz ov the way i dress and ur music makes everything betta.
My question is hav u eva though about colaboratin wiv some1 that doesnt make the same kinda music as u? my brother is rly into dis weird electro band called the chemics brothers and i fink it wud be funny if you sang ova 1 ov there tracks. U wud make it so much betta!!

ur so gorgus gerard! i luv u sso much! fanks 4 reding! <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

Peta xxOxxOxxOxx

Good gravy Enjoyed.

*holds up spork*

Never for money, always for love.

Aaand we're back.

I hope you all now respect what terrible power I wield. >:D
Never for money, always for love.

"You cannot eat money, oh no. You cannot eat money, oh no. When the last tree has fallen and the rivers are poisoned, you cannot eat money, oh no."
— Aurora (The Seed)

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