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Started by Ben_j, May 03, 2016, 15:10

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Radiohead just posted their new track

^ and it is fucking excellent. 

Just heard it on the radio, it's awesome.
no idea, no idea


I'm a little underwhelmed.

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I'm a little underwhelmed.

Burn The Witch! 

I'm overwhelmed ! I've been listening to it on repeat since they released it  :)

It's grand!
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— Aurora (The Seed)

Such a great smooth simple track. There's not a ton of layers to the song, but not much I could imagine adding to the song to improve it! Very efficient. And the unique instrumentation is awesome, I haven't really heard a combination of sounds like that before.

It's certainly not the meaning of life or anything, but it's a really solid tune.
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I've listened to this track 4 times now today. I really dig it.

Not a big radiohead guy, but this is spacious. Worth more than one listen.
i love chem bros omg!!!!!!!!!!!!

Better on second listen. But still not WOAH.

The production is nice, but the vocals aren't easy to love. Keeping an open mind for now.

The plucked strings is the part that intrigues me. Long sweeping strings in modern tracks has been done. But to hear plucked strings it intriguing to me.
That would have blown my mind. If I had a mind.
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Another track

The new album is out in just two days !

damn you. i was this near to post it right now first =>  <=  :-\

edit: for all you people inside the gema-country => http://www.dooloop.tv/video/4312407/radiohead-daydreaming
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no idea, no idea

I was surprised it was not posted yet :D

This video is so beautiful. Directed by Paul Thomas Anderson

On 6 Music they're playing the new album in full right now - and i fucking love it
no idea, no idea

Their James Bond Spectre tune could almost fit in as a bonus track.
Ful Stop and Identikit are my faves at the mo.

BTW, does anyone know why they now take Portishead's drummer on tour with them as well as Phil Selway?

fell in love with "Tinker Tailor Soldier Sailor Rich Man Poor Man Beggar Man Thief"
no idea, no idea

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