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The Stone Roses

Started by Wolkenkrabber, May 12, 2016, 16:14

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There seems to be a trend on the forum for starting threads for artists deemed important.
Hence this one. It may only be the older forum members who give a damn though.
Watch this space (circa 8PM UK time tonight).

All For One
Guitar riff sounds like a mid 60's Beatles thing, but probably not as good. The guitar solo is quite nice - what there is of it.
Verses are ok, Chorus is catchy though it's not really a proper chorus.
Can't find it on YT yet but you can find it on itunes here:


or Spotify here:


holy crap! Just heard about this, will listen when I have a chance.

Ah, I knew one of the forum faithful would post about the Stone Roses!

I quite like this new track of theirs. It's not "oh my god it's amazingly brilliant!" This song does what it's supposed to. It is catchy as hell and it sounds like the Stone Roses have brought something back to the table. There will never be another album quite like their debut, but as a friend of mine pointed out, if their new album is more akin to Second Coming, I'll be happy.
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I like it too. Kind of surprised of the negative feedback on twitter and whatnot. It's amazing they haven't put anything out in over 20 years and continued to hold a steady cult following.

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