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Die Moby, Die!

Started by ThePumisher, May 26, 2016, 07:29

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(that was the title of the old moby thread, wasn't it?)

Moby has released a new album, and it's for free!

Download "Long Ambients1: Calm. Sleep." here: https://moby.wetransfer.com/downloads/b313e4df0c71785dd90f803456486b1320160524111324/6d856b
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no idea, no idea

Good spot. The track below had some remixes released a few weeks ago, as well as the original last autumn. Didn't get much publicity though. I'd like more stuff like this please.

Incidentally there's a surprisingly good interview with Moby in last Saturday's Guardian newspaper (UK). To tie in with his sort-of autobiography "Porcelain".  Oh here it is. The printed version also had an extract from the book. Click the link at the top of the article to read an extract from the book. BTW I don't think New Order were on Top Of The Pops in '91 -they had nothing to promote at the time. Mixed Moby Memories methinks.
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Moby & The Void Pacific Choir - Are You Lost In The World Like Me?

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I gave that new album a quick listen. All the tracks sounded the same, they almost all had the same drum pattern, and "synthpunk" is not really my thing.

I do think that Moby lost it. There wasn't much good stuff after Play (except for the brilliant
no idea, no idea

Quote from: ThePumisher on Oct 19, 2016, 14:39

I do think that Moby lost it. There wasn't much good stuff after Play

"Last Night" wasn't all that bad. And more recently, this was good:


this morning i woke up and there was a complete stranger sitting in my living room. robbie.
i wake up at 7 a.m. i walk in to my living room. i freeze. there's someone standing next to my couch.
me: 'uh, who are you??'
him: 'robbie'
me: 'what are you doing here?'
him: 'i'm here'
me: 'i think you should probably leave'
him: 'ok'. then he sat down.
me: 'i think you should leave'
him: 'ok'. continues sitting.
me: 'is everything ok?'
him: 'i might still be on acid'
so i gave him a sweatshirt (it's chilly up in the hills) and some money for breakfast and sent him on his way. apparently he had taken a lot of acid the night before, had seen my house from the street, and decided to pay an acid inspired visit.
i guess he and i are both lucky. he's lucky that i didn't have guns and that i didn't call the police and that i gave him some breakfast money. i'm lucky that he wasn't a violent crazy person and that he didn't stab me in my sleep. i've also decided that locking my doors might be a good thing. i know, who doesn't lock their doors? well, i don't. or didn't . i mean, my neighbors these days are coyotes and frogs, and i just kind of assumed that a closed door was a good enough deterrent for a coyote or a frog. but i guess i'll err on the side of security and actually lock my doors at night from now on.
i hope robbie's ok, he seemed a bit lost. although i guess doing a ton of acid and wandering around griffith park in the middle of the night might be disorienting. i'm glad he didn't get eaten by coyotes or mountain lions.
how was your weekend? did you have any strangers on acid in your living room when you woke up?

That was both hilarious and frightening.

Moby & The Void Pacific Choir - Erupt & Matter

no idea, no idea

I certainly liked this better than the new Gorillaz track.

New album from Moby & Void Pacific Choir "More Fast Songs About The Apocalypse" for free => http://johnmillerpr.info
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Quote from: MadPooter on Jan 20, 2017, 04:45

I certainly liked this better than the new Gorillaz track.

That Gorillaz album was a real letdown. Worst album from them.

Moby has announced his upcoming album "Everything Was Beautiful, And Nothing Hurt", release date march 2nd, 2018

First Single Like a Motherless Child

01 Mere Anarchy
02 The Waste Of Suns
03 Like A Motherless Child
04 The Last Of Goodbyes
05 The Ceremony Of Innocence
06 The Tired And The Hurt
07 Welcome To Hard Times
08 The Sorrow Tree
09 Falling Rain And Light
10 The Middle Is Gone
11 This Wild Darkness
12 A Dark Cloud Is Coming
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Moby has announced details of his album 'All Visible Objects', his upcoming seventeenth studio effort.

The latest record from the influential DJ and producer arrives on March 6 via Mute. The first track from the album – 'Power is Taken' – is out now. Check it out in full below.

Moby has also confirmed that 100 per cent of profits from the record will go to charity, with each individual track raising funds for a different cause. They include environmental organisations such as Extinction Rebellion, Brighter Green, the Rainforest Action Network, Extinction Rebellion and animal welfare groups such as Mercy for Animals, Animal Equality, the Humane League, and the International Anti-Poaching.

Other beneficiaries include The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), the Physicians Committee, the Good Food Institute, and the Indivisible Project.

=> https://www.nme.com/news/music/moby-announces-new-album-all-visible-objects-and-shares-new-track-2596645

Power Is Taken (feat. D. H. Peligro)

no idea, no idea

I really like Power is Taken
Must find some time to listen to his albums as at the moment I heard the Rave Selftitled and Play
Where do I start?
Where do I begin?

This (official) new Mathame remix of Lift Me Up is a real grower.


Last May, Moby released "Reprise" on the classical label Deutsche Grammophon. It featured orchestral and acoustic arrangements of some of his old songs, reworked by the Budapest Art Orchestra, a string quartet, and some guest artists.
Mr Glako-Fahn posted the orchestral version of God Moving Over The Face Of The Waters here.

Now they've decided to remix the reworks, which seems a bit like overkill. But then again, the Methame remix ⬆️ (of the classical version) of Lift Me Up is IMHO, the best version of that song. So I guess if you do something well enough, it can be worthwhile.
The album Reprise Remixes comes out exactly a year after Reprise on 20th May.

This Go remix from Anfisa Letyago is surprisingly restrained considering she's a pretty full-on techno DJ (from Siberia!). I'm liking ths on headphones with the volume turned loud.

oh, and there are more remixes on YT:

Why Does My Heart Feel So Bad (Biscits Remix)

Peter Gregson - Extreme Ways

Porcelain (Efdemin Remix)

Porcelain (Christian Löffler Remix)

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