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New Chemical T- Shirts!

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hate to criticize again, but this stuff kinda sucks.

Do Tom and Ed "okay" this merch? Remember COLORED graphics, that was cool...

Is there more to the "East Village Pharmacy" reference other than the singular promo photo from that era? I don't get the appeal, seems so obscure and too deep cut even for this long time Chem Bro fan.

Calendar looks fun, if only to get the liner art in larger format.

Would love the Limited Print, but not for this poor (literally) soul.

Need to do replica wigs of Tom's angel-like hair from that era, or shades. Also, offer an "epic fag break" Ed figurine that doubles as a scented vaporizer machine.

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They just “clone stamped” in photoshop the complete left side of the “loops of fury” cover on the T-shirt! Looks terrible!


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