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Question to all the dutch speaking people here

Started by ThePumisher, Jun 21, 2016, 07:54

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I have a question to all you dutch speaking people here. Can you translate this text into proper dutch for me? I would appreciate this.

Hey, hope the alarm* wasn't too bad for you. If you copy all the stuff from the usb-stick and bring it back this evening, i can give you Downtown Abbey. Doesn't that sound good? See you then.

Thing is, i need this in 6 hours from now  :-[


*alarm clock
no idea, no idea

No i don't, but someone asked me to download season 6 of it because S06 isn't available on Netflix Germany (don't asked why the hell i need the above translated into dutch).
no idea, no idea

Hoi,ik hoop dat de wekker niet vervelend was voor je. Als je alle bestanden van de USB stick kopieerd en vanavond terug brengt dan geef ik je Downtown Abbey. Klinkt goed? Tot dan.

Oh 6hrs, sorry bout that

Quote from: Joslyn on Jun 23, 2016, 07:05

Oh 6hrs, sorry bout that
Ha, no problem  ;D thanks for answering anyway
no idea, no idea

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