Why no Scottish dates?

Started by Soapfix, Jul 04, 2016, 13:32

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I've been a big fan since pre 'hey girl, hey boy' and have been fortunate enough to see you three times... That's why I'm disappointed to see that there are no Scottish dates. Soapfix

They are doing mostly festival shows this year (like in the past years; from what i've seen so far the only non-festival show is the one in Gelsenkirchen/Germany). If there is no scottish festival who booked them, then you're in bad luck to see them. But if traveling is not a big problem you can go a bit south and watch them at the South West Four Festival in London (if there are tickets available) or at the Electric Picnic in Ireland.
no idea, no idea

Hi and welcome Soapfix,

Yeah, that's a bummer! Like Pumisher pointed out, the tour has somewhat shifted towards festival focused performances. I'd also like to know how the booking process actually works, who contacts who etc. So, yeah, it's kind of sad the way it is recently. Be glad you're not Canadian,though, they haven't been lucky for more than 10 years.
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I feel the pain. The last couple times I've seen the brothers I've travelled down from Edinburgh. Was down there in 2010 for 1 of the 4 nights at the roundhouse and was down before that in 2008 for the gig at Olympia (which was superb)

Surely there's demand for a UK wide tour.

Ticket bought! Not far to travel for once!

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