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Zürich Open Air 2016

Started by Stefan, Jul 23, 2016, 06:01

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I'm surprised that there isn't a thread about this festival already.
Feast your eyes on the lineup:

I'll be there on Thursday and Friday to see The Chems, Digitalism, Soulwax and 2manydjs  ;D

Holy Cowbell that was amazing! My third Chems gig, and the first time that I didn't know the setlist/visuals beforehand. The new Glint version is fantastic! Glad they kept I'll See You There, even though I find it difficult to dance to. I totally didn't expect to hear snippets of Direkt Buki and C.H.E.M.I.C.A.L.
The Tuba Guys made me laugh :-D
Also, Temptation.
I would have loved to see Deserted as an Opener, I think it would work well.

And some words on the crowd: it was absolutely insane. Best audience ever*. Several Mosh pits and poging and less dangerous Forms of jumping around throughout the show (Most notable during Swoon!?), many people were soaked in sweat and exhausted, but with bliss on their face. I had the impression that many knew most of the songs by heart, or, even if they didn't, genuinely enjoyed the show.

Now Looking forward to Soulwax, Digitalism and 2manydjs. :D

* My previous Chems attandences were both at the Freqency Festival in Austria, which serves a completely different audience. The Lineup in recent years suggests that they try to offer something for everybody, which makes it seem dissonant. I guess this makes all the difference, as the baseline appreciation for electronic music is surely higher in the Zürich Openair audience.

P.S.: Zürich is fucking expensive.

It's so great to get some personal experiences and impressions! Glad you had a blast there, now that you've accomplished your Chemical triple! Congrats on that too! What was your favorite moment? I'm curious about the other acts too. Keep us posted, Stefan!
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