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Can I buy the Star Guitar Clip in HD anywhere?

Started by Merlin2001, Aug 26, 2016, 09:21

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Hi folks!

I spent quite some time researching if there was any 1080p (or even 4K) version of the majestic Star Guitar video clip, but didn't find anything.
Does anybody know if it is at all available?
If not, who can talk The Chemical Brothers into (re-)releasing one?  ;D

I would love to watch the clip in more than 360p so much!

Thanks in advance and have a great weekend!

Hi Marcus, and welcome aboard the chemical mothership!

Well, unfortunately, I don't think there is an official 1080p version of any of those older era videos, which is a shame by the way ;). The question is how those videos were shot anyway. If these were taken on film (which I doubt somehow), it would be rather easy to make an HD transfer. It would be then only a matter of costs and whether they and their label could see (financially rational) potential in an HD re-release. But I reckon it's the other way around and most of them were captured on video, which would mean no HD at all. I'd love to watch the Test in HD glory!
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Here is The Test in 720p HD, don't know if we'll ever see 1080p Full HD!

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