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Started by ThePumisher, Jun 28, 2015, 07:58

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"Wish" gets a lot of undeserved abuse.  For what it is worth "Open," "From The Edge Of The Deep Green Sea," and "Cut" are freaking badass and "A Letter To Elise" is the most beautiful "I'm sorry I broke your heart" pop song ever written.  That said, "Friday I'm In Love" really does suck and the album would be so much better if you replaced it with its b side. 

Can't believe this was 20 years ago. Courtney is such a strong woman, so many tragedies in a year and she still kills it. "For Kurt, Kristen, and River, and Joe and Johnny.."
God I miss the 90s.

Die Möglichkeit eines Lamas (The opportunity of a liama)
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"You cannot eat money, oh no. You cannot eat money, oh no. When the last tree has fallen and the rivers are poisoned, you cannot eat money, oh no."
— Aurora (The Seed)

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Following on from reply #81 above, New Order have now made a proper video for new single Restless. I know it doesn't sound like a classic single, but it is a grower. More than I thought it would be.

Classic New Order, I like it!
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It's Thursday, so...

Thank god it's not Friday

Amon Tobin's remix of Offshore
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So most of the remixes for Jamie xx's Loud Places are now out. I've previously mentioned John Talabot's Loud Synths reconstruction and his Dub. The Talabot Dub still doesn't seem to be out actually, which is annoying.
Anyway there are some other mixes too including a Special Request mix. The intro/drums might sound familiar to you. Have a listen here:
or here:

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I haven't posted a single thing on this thread before, but I was going through this thread and the 'Timeless Tunes!!!' thread and realised that neither have any Justice in them. Thought I might rectify that.

On'n'On is one of my favourite songs ever, I fucking love it!
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I happened upon this here tune from ' Bicep ' recently , . .  and love it . . .  :music

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I happened upon this here tune from ' Bicep ' recently , . .  and love it . . .  :music
Snap!  Check out page 1 of this thread, reply #2 and reply #3.  Also this remix by Bicep is a current boat-floater for me. Old skool melodic house vibes.


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