Who's Gonna Take the Weight, Who's Gonna Take the Blame?

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Started by ThePumisher, Jun 28, 2015, 07:58

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Quote from: Ben_j on Apr 15, 2020, 23:12

How have I missed this track all these years? Can anyone recommend some similar tracks (beatwise, so with the same tempo, 95 to 100 bpm, and a similar beat)?

Oh yeah. R & S is super underrated IMHO.

I'm sure I could find more in the recesses of my brain, but right now the the only similar beat/tempo/vibe I can think of is Bruce Lee by Underworld.

Quote from: Enjoyed on Apr 16, 2020, 02:56

Oh yeah. R & S is super underrated IMHO.

I second this. Still listen to the album to this day. Has aged well.
...'cause I don't like whats going on in the world. I'm scared of that...

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Chemical Beats (Dave Clarke Remix)

The Prodigy - The Day Is My Enemy

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no idea, no idea

Bit of a selfish plug here, did an all Irish techno and electro mix yesterday, some of you might enjoy  :music
Garies - My Ear
London Modular - Concerning Irregular Figures
Defekt - I Am Here
Casper Hastings - Bionic
Hybrasil - Old Blue
Maelstrom & Defekt - Dublin
Tinfoil - Foil 1
Mode_1 - Black Bags Of Reality
Replicants - GTBR Replicants Instrumental
London Modular - Exit Strategy
Casper Hastings - Renegade Rizla
Carlton Doom - Necrodancer
Replicants - Nuke Boogie
Sunil Sharpe - Eyebrow
Defekt - Skitzo
Phil Kieran - I Love You (Phil Kieran Remix)
Corrugated Tunnel - We Are Electronix
Tommy Holohan - Subaru Impreza
Armed Response Unit - Ausgang
AFX - Elephant Song
Swarm Intelligence - Extraction
Decal - In Defence Of Loyalty
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James Bong - Never Say

no idea, no idea

I used to listen to BT's R&R all the time when my brother and I were building levels on Timesplitters 2. The only thing I really get nostalgic for, is video gaming with my brother and listening to CDs. What a life.

Pantera - Walk

no idea, no idea

Recently I literally fall in love with Duck Sauce
the best thing is that they are bout to release the new album
the most recent single "I Don't Mind" reminds me so much of Thomas Bangalter's Roule Label
it got a really strong French House Feel

offtop: is there anyone who got the full duck droppings ep to download? ;-;
It was avalible for free but all the links just died ;-;
Where do I start?
Where do I begin?

Jacknife Lee, Beth Ditto & Earl St. Clair - I'm Getting Tired

no idea, no idea

DJ Shadow feat. Samuel T. Herring - Our Pathetic Age

no idea, no idea

Bicep - Atlas

no idea, no idea

Can't decide what this reminds me of. Maybe Prodigy circa Everybody In The Place. Maybe Kissy Sellout circa 2007. Maybe something else?

Jonathan Krisp: Drawing Down The Moon.(skip the first 46 secs if you like; nothing happens til after that)

sounds like the prodigy experience collided with earlier nathan fake & apparat, and burst generator

Eight or over.

Dino Lenny released a new album at the height of Lockdown so it may have passed a few people by. This was the single released with it. The vocals remind me of Terry Hall from The Specials/Fun Boy Three. Nice moody dance track with a change of gear around 5.18 .

Dino Lenny: Deep & Dark

The album is called Dis Kollect and I guess this is kinda the title track, originally released as a single last year. Spot the 808 State sample (can't miss it really)
Dino Lenny: Dis Konnect

And finally a new track remixed by Dino Lenny (and Francesco Farfa). The original (which Lenny was playing in DJ sets) is great too but I can't find it on YT. The vocals on this remind me of Dave Gahan/Depeche Mode. Just me?

Yes Father: Everything You Say


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