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has ed stopped smoking?

Started by Goldmaster, Oct 27, 2016, 22:27

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ok so i was watching a bit of woodstock at yet something cought my eye. ED WAS SMOKING! and i thought ED!!  :o like why are doing that mate? its around here i never knew he had smoked or if he still does when a saw tom and ed at sw4 2016 they wernt smoking so i think eds made the right choise. :D
tom, ed can i meet you? please?

I think he doesn't stoped smoking =)

Right at 2:43

And this:

At the end of the interview, Simons nips out for a cigarette, while Rowlands, a confirmed non-smoker, hangs around chatting in the bar. He looks wistfully once again at my copy of the Live at the Social CD.
Hi Kevin!

You can also see him smoking in a couple of their recent DJ sets.

I don't approve either!!!  ;D
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Ed smokes like a chimney!  :))

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