how meny workers are there for tom and ed?

Started by Goldmaster, Dec 01, 2016, 20:59

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ok so im just wondering. theres tom and ed. but they cant do everything themselves and so im just wondering how meany people are there involved with social media to setting up and moving equipment and fixing stuff and advising tom and ed. to the people running these forums. ;D
tom, ed can i meet you? please?

There is a small tune I like to sing when I think about the people who are involved with The Chemical Brothers shows and albums.

♫   You know Tommy and Edward and Adam and Marcus  ♫
♫   ... Matthew and Shan(-ie) and Angus and Steven   ♫

♫   ... But Do you Recalllllll   ♫
♫   the most famous Chemical Brother crew member of allllll???   ♫

ok so how many are there
tom, ed can i meet you? please?

I  don't  know  how  many  exactly ,  but  the  guy  on  the left  does  Box Office - Ticket  Sales  and  Catering ,  whilst  the  guy  on  the  right  is  their  Physio / Masseuse ,  Stylist  and  Bus Driver . . 

" Everybody  jumpin out of their mind  "

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