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The story behind 'Superflash'

Started by Bosco, Dec 10, 2016, 07:11

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Maybe I didn't pay attention in the past too well, but can somebody fill me in on the mystery behind this song. What's the story of it? Was it scraped from 'Further'?

If I were to guess, I would think that the track "Don't Think" and "Superflash" were actually both meant to be part of Further, and "Horse Power" maybe was set for B-side release.

I'm probably way off on this. I'm ready to be schooled, have at it.

At the first shows of 2011 at Luxembourg and Rockhal it appeared out of nowhere. Champiness figured out they'd played it earlier in 09 at a DJ set...

...but no one really noticed (since we thought it was Horse Power). The 2011 tour ended and they kept the song alive with the extended version in DJ sets through 2012... and there it went. Poof.

The only official word we ever got was from Ed saying it wasn't for the Hanna soundtrack (it hadn't come out at the time) and that it won't be released (pretty sure InChem got that one out of him). Other than that it's a mystery, that thing came and went like Problem/Question!

I don't think it was ever seriously meant for Further, since it has such a different feel to it. It fits in more with the dark dance-floor-centric modern tracks from around that time, like the Boys Noize remix, Tom Rowland's 2012-2014 solo work, SIFSD, CHEMICAL, Reflexion and EML, than it does anything off Further. So instead of a Further cut, I bet they realized it was a new direction and they (off-and-on) pursued that sound between Further and BITE. Doubt they'll come back to it, but here's hoping.
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I hope that 'Superflash' is getting a proper release one day. It's such a brilliant track. This one and 'EML Ritual' are their biggest jams. No doubt! Tom, if you're reading this, I beg you, please release 'Superflash'.
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The 'old' version of Superflash sounds more Technoish! It really thumps and hits hard!

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