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'Exit Planet Dust' albumcover origin ?

Started by orangewedge99, Dec 14, 2016, 11:49

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Here's something that bothered me for such a long time...

What's the origin of the 'Exit Planet Dust' album cover? This picture with the guy and the girl walking down the road with a guitar. I'd really like to see the original picture.

Where was this picture taken from?  :-\
Where does it come from?

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I wanted to ask the same question a week ago!!! But then i went "meh, fuck it"  >:D 8)
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I know I read somewhere it's a stock photo they bought. There are more pictures of this in the same setting...

You can read about this album art photo on the Exit Planet Dust Wikipedia page, ..  according to Ed in a 1995 interview he said it was chosen from a 1970's fashion shoot reject box,, .. more info on the wiki page, .. hmmm,  i wonder what the couple in the photo are doing now  . .  i presume they know they're quite famous.
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Quote from: Fine Time on Dec 14, 2016, 20:29

hmmm,  i wonder what the couple in the photo are doing now
they're trying to get a ride

no idea, no idea

i just came across this interview where they talk about browsing through libraries for their album images

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I haven't seen that interview before!
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