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Wow! What a show! Just got back. Orbital played 2 hours! The sound was great, really loud and lots of bass. The crowd was going insane and the Hartnoll brothers looked really into it and jammed a little bit when things were really going off. After Doctor? they asked if we wanted one more. Lush came on and they did an awesome jam out at the end. The whole place was wild and cheering at all the big moments. Paul got on the mic at the end and was like "Bloody hell! We really gotta come back here again. Who knew Brooklyn is this crazy?"

Intro w/ Professor Brian Cox
Monsters Exist
There Will Come a Time (We All Die Remix)
Tiny Foldable Cities
Hoo Hoo Ha Ha
Halcyon + On + On
Vision OnE
Where Is It Going?
The End Is Nigh

I recorded some clips and took a few pics. Will post later, too tired after that. So happy I got to see them. If you have not seen them live, definitely go do it. They are powerful live.
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oooooo what a set list

i am ready freddy
i love chem bros omg!!!!!!!!!!!!

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was great to see Enjoyed and Pooter

and then Orbital

I am tired as fuck
i love chem bros omg!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Since my cohorts aren't going to step up and post in detail, I'll do it.

First, the San Francisco show last Thursday.

It was a day that I had been waiting for for quite some time--the chance to see Orbital again after like 8 years. And it was turning out to be an extraordinary gathering.

Incidentally, we had people coming from Toronto (though indirectly), Portland, and Chicago. So it was at least a little significant with the idea of people coming from far away to see the show.

I headed to pick up Androidgeoff and Enjoyed from the airport, and to my surprise and delight, Enjoyed had brought with him a big box of Voodoo doughnuts fresh from Portland. Like, holy shit--fresh doughnuts from Portland. God damn.

After piling in the car, our first stop was In n Out. Because God forbid people come to California and not eat fucking burgers from that joint (those are good burgers, Walter). I had to admire the animal-style fries Enjoyed managed to order.

There was a call for beer by Androidgeoff, so we headed over to Magnolia brewery in my neighborhood. This was kind of a historic move: Twelve years ago, Whirlygirl and TooMuchStash had accompanied me to that very same brewery the first time I met them.

After the beers were had, darkness started to set in and it was time to start slowly heading toward the venue. Ish.

We set out in my auto for the Mission district in San Francisco toward my buddy's place where the remainder of our attendees were gathering. We picked up my girlfriend on the way, and we ended up hanging out and making tea prior to the show.

The tea was special. It was very, very special. One could even say it had psychedelic qualities.

We had a vehicle that seated 5. And there were 6 of us. So we did what any self-respecting group of party-goers would do, and we piled in.

The venue was the Midway--a warehouse-esque (or literally a warehouse that has been outfitted with a bar and stage area) space in the industrial part of San Francisco. The closest more-well-known neighborhood is referred to as the "Dogpatch." Not really a tourist destination.

We managed to find a place to park in front of some dodgy textile business. It wasn't clear the car would not be towed. Probably a good bet it wasn't.

I felt the tea immediately on getting out of the car. And the tea wasn't alone. But the world seemed a little more wobbly. And cold.

But thankfully there was not a long walk, and before too long we found ourselves inside.

And I felt like I was so much cooler than I was walking into that place. It had an impressive amount of space, but it felt small. And it was all chic. And well lit.

The place wasn't packed and it never filled up, but there were nonetheless a lot of folks that came out for the show.

We watched with enthusiasm as Lee Coombs got the crowd moving before Orbital came on. And it was with little warning that a "loading" symbol appeared, lit on stage behind the equipment.

There was a relatively simplistic design to their stage set up this time around. But nonetheless, as the one "loading" symbol became three, everyone cheered. And anticipation filled the air.

As the boys came on and started to play their new album, everyone was so happy to see them that, honestly, I got the impression that it didn't matter what of their songs they played: everyone was extraordinarily happy to be seeing Orbital after so long.

The highlights for me were Where Is It Going and Halcyon + On + On. The latter because my girlfriend recognized the track from a mix I had made for her years ago, and she also loved the 80s tracks running through the live version. The former because I felt a rather strong emotional connection to the track--it's nothing but positivity.

The one common consensus was that The End Is Nigh from the new album could have been left off the setlist. Enjoyable, but there was room for more older tracks.

Other than that, though--I love the fact that Paul and Phil were able to put on such an amazing performance despite decades passing in their careers.

Androidgeoff and Enjoyed are two of the most awesome folks to go to shows with, by the way. And you should be so lucky.

Unfortunately, Enjoyed claimed he had pressing issues back in Portland, so it left Androidgeoff and I to head down to Los Angeles to catch Orbital at a venue directly adjacent to the venue where Daft Punk recorded Alive 1997.

We had ourselves a rather short drive down the I-5, and we found ourselves at a beer store just before showtime. It all was rather seamless, actually.

I like that I got to know beers a little bit better in the last week, and I have Enjoyed and Androidgeoff to thank for that. And as Androidgeoff and I were enjoying our beers, incidentally, other Oribtal concert-goers ended up sharing a beer with us as well, as we were only a block away from the venue.

There was a certain camaraderie that was present at the LA show that I didn't get at the SF show. The people there were... obviously fucking dedicated.

It felt *AMAZING* to be a part of that dedicated energy. I loved every moment of the LA show and I actually was brought to tears a number of times during the show. Always a little awkward to have to take a moment for myself to get things the fuck together so I can just dance with the rest of the dorks.

The setlist was the same, but I could feel the energy in the crowd much more intensely. And it was weird, because honestly I was a little exhausted. But I had such a surge of intensity during that show that I don't know how to explain. I would have made that drive again to see that show in a heartbeat.

I am so thankful that everything worked out for the trip to see both shows--it was a decent reminder that someone, somewhere, is tending the light at the end of the tunnel. There was magic at every turn, and sparks shooting from unexpected places.

Thanks to Androidgeoff and Enjoyed for being such amazing companions. I keep being reminded that the people on this forum are, in fact, just fucking awesome.

And underneath it all, it was a glimpse at how amazing the trip in May is going to be for many of us as we catch the Chemical Brothers at 3 shows up the California coastline.

God bless you all and to all a good night.

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Mr MadPooter

Thank you for the trip of a lifetime.

Your taste in music is so divine

I cannot wait for May


Yo 1 day is not enough, I need more of you in my life.

Very fun trip y'all

I will post some pictures soon, when I am not as busy with work.
i love chem bros omg!!!!!!!!!!!!

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