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Started by Ben_j, Jan 31, 2017, 19:31

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This isn't
that got mentioned in Now Playing. It appears to be Copenhagen.


But they already gave us that track as a free download. So what's on this record?


I see Orbital are selling recordings of (all) three of their December 2017 gigs on Vinyl, CD and Download HERE.
Not especially cheap (bundles costing £80 - ouch). But I guess a double CD for £20 is ok. These guys supposedly inspired the Chems live experience with an early big Glasto performance. Now they need to inspire them to release live recordings.

Tweets didn't embed because: emojis.

Just two shows in December, actually.

If you're picking one or the other, the Manchester one is best - longer jammier performances. London has the extra Doctor Who encore, but the rest of the songs were played shorter to fit the encore in.
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So, it's finally coming. September 14th - Monsters Exist.

2 discs. Snivilization looking artwork. A song called 'Kaiju'...
Here's a little write up.

And here's the new single, 'Tiny Foldable Cities'.

Pretty 'cited about this!

YASSS!! They're coming to Moscow to play live at June 11!
8) :music :music

P.S. Tom & Ed not going to Russia this year :'(
Hi Kevin!

Deciding to post this here, since I'm a tiny bit more excited for Orbital's set - last Friday I decided completely last minute to fly out to the UK for the BBC Biggest Weekend Festival next weekend. Most all details are sorted, and I'm getting my passport expedited in Chicago this Thursday.



And (probably) Leftfield, Green Velvet, and Four Tet in Glasgow the following Sunday (ticket prices are high-ish and I'm kinda more excited to see Glasgow than Leftfield... prooooobably still going though).

Also have 3 full days in London before heading to Belfast Friday, and a day in Glasgow after Leftfield.

Cheap as hell no-luggage plane tickets, travelling with basically the clothes on my back, spending as little as humanly possible. Wife and I scored more summer school loans than we needed, so instead of sending it back I'm spending it here... I'll work it off later!

I'm fuckin pumped.

1. What should I see in London / Glasgow?

2. Music recommendations for travelling? Especially stuff that might thematically or incidentally connect to London and the UK? (bringing Dubnobasswithmyheadman for example, and giving Saint Etienne's So Tough a second shot)
Never for money, always for love.

I love stories of last minute travel plans like this. It reminds me of Darkstarexodus back in the day with his crazy little trips around the world.

Leftfield was great fun when I saw them for a short set at Coachella a while back. I would love to see them again. I've never seen Orbital or Underworld but both are on my bucket list, so I'm very envious.

Have a great time d00d!

So, so jealous! I hope you have an amazing time. Leftfield were such an unexpected highlight of Glastonbury 2015. Seriously great live show.

Obviously... Underworld. Damn. Want to see them again so bad.
Still hoping Orbital will make it over later in the year.

In terms of recommendations for London...

  • Southbank in the evening is really nice. Just walking along the river (especially if it's a warm day) with a beer or something.
  • There's a bunch of decent record stores around Soho that are worth a look; Reckless, Sounds of the Universe, Sister Ray & Phonica (where Four Tet shops a lot, apparently).
    Though my favourite record store is the Music & Video Exchange in Notting Hill - many a cheap treat found in that place.
  • There's a delicious all you can eat vegetarian curry place in Islington - not sure if it's your thing (I'm not veggie but the food there is really good, and cheap, and you can bring your own beer) but let me know if you want more details.
  • St. James Park is really nice. Big ol' lake. Buckingham Palace at one end. The Mall above.
  • Food wise, I tend to visit Ben's Cookies, Pie Minister, Leon, The Cereal Killer Cafe
  • Ally Pally is genuinely a really sweet place to spend an afternoon. Great view back over London, lots of decent street food vendors. Bit of a trip out of the center but worth it if you're looking for a nice place to chill out.
  • Camden Market is a pretty typical London spot. The locks are pretty. Just don't buy any Chinese food there. It all sucks.
  • In terms of touristy things,
    isn't super long but hits a lot of the main sites. My wife and I did it leisurely in a few hours and I actually saw a lot of things I hadn't ever seen in London before:

- Camden Lock Market
- Maltby Street Market
- Tate Modern
no idea, no idea

Thanks! @Peter I'm debating whether to purchase carry on so I can bring some records back... guess it'll depend on what I find. I'll be staying in the Greenwich area but getting out plenty.

Any beer / pub recommendations? Meticulously planning this trip so I can spend it less than sober.

Back on topic, Orbital's put out the pre-order options for Monsters Exist. Huge list of bonus tracks, and pretty great looking heavyweight vinyl options:

Never for money, always for love.

I would have said the artwork is more like In Sides, especially with the colourisation.

How We Made Chime
(doesn't actually go into much technical detail other than: "we recorded it on to a casette", which is already common knowledge).

While I'm here, how about a 1992 Orbital gig recorded for Pete Tong. I remember taping this off the radio the night it was broadcast. Might still have the tape somewhere.


This Friday, P.H.U.K. is dropping!

A month or two back, Orbital shared some pics of them with The Prodigy. It made me hope something was in the works between these two. A remix, a collb, a tour... anything. The Prodigy are working on their next album, but I'm doubtful it will get released this year. Liam did mention something about a collaboration no one would expect. I know Liam is all about acid music lately. But who knows. Guess time will tell.

So P.H.U.K. is Please Help UK.

I guess this video is meant to be a good v bad, haves v have nots sort of thing.
Lots of recognisable stories in there: Brexit, Grenfell Tower, NHS funding, the fatberg...


Excellent live jam of P.H.U.K. Orbital put out recently:

I'm ridiculously excited about this era of Orbital. They're still so on it, especially live.
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That's amazing, Whitenoise! Can't believe I haven't been following them more closely. Oblivous me.
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Suited up Flamenco ballet to the soundtrack of The Box anyone?

I love Orbital so much. Here they come and improve on their lead single P.H.U.K. with an alternate mix "P.H.U.K.U." (Please Help United Kingdom, Urgent). Which is featuring on a real proper upcoming single release alongside another remix by the one and only Steve Dub!

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Never for money, always for love.

Fuck, I did it again, I fucked up your post, Noisey. Can we move the fucking "modify" button somewhere else, please? Damn it.... Sitting here oozing embarrassment. I'm sorry.

The mix is so good. And produced with Steve Dub.
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"You cannot eat money, oh no. You cannot eat money, oh no. When the last tree has fallen and the rivers are poisoned, you cannot eat money, oh no."
— Aurora (The Seed)





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