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Hot Acid Rhythm 2

Started by ThePumisher, Mar 03, 2017, 07:36

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Last night i was this close | => | of hearing Hot Acid Rhythm 2. I was staying at Ed's flat. After a couple of drinks i took all my guts and ask him "whats going on with HAR2?". His face was like What the? How can you even be brave enough to ask me this?, but then he said "i got something for you, come with me". So we both where leaving one of the three living rooms and went into a room full of cd's, vinyl's and two technics sl-1200mk2, and Ed goes straight to a bookshelf with ten white labels in it. He grabbed one, put it on the turntable and let the needle down really slow (it was a moment such silence, it was even possible to hear the neighbours downstairs breathing). And just when Hot Acid Rhythm 2 starts i woke up...
no idea, no idea

Were you two naked? Did you get any?

Dude. Don't leave us hanging.

a friend told me if you moistened your thumb and stick it up your arse overnight, your dreams will come true.

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