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Samples & Trainspotting

Started by Wolkenkrabber, Apr 01, 2017, 12:37

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Following on from my post #75, another track that samples Bulgarian choral vox has emerged, brand new for 2023.

Argy & Goom Gum - Pantheon

It could do with a remix to toughen up the production for my personal taste, but I really like how they've used the vox.

I notice that Le Mystere des Voix Bulgares -who seem to be a long running choir (presumably with members who change over time) did a full KEXP session in 2017.

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Quote from: Wolkenkrabber on Aug 13, 2022, 11:07
Incidentally the Chems remix of Voodoo People also samples the track below at 2:12. I guess Boogie Down Productions have been a long time Chemical favourite, as their JIMMY would hugely influence CHEMICAL (writing credit given) many years later.

Just picking up on your comment about CHEMICAL, I vaguely recall an early (live?) version that used samples of "The C, the H..." and so on, from the beginning of It Gets No Rougher by LL Cool J...

Obviously the samples were rearranged in much the same way as those on Super Sharp Shooter by DJ Zinc. But I assume the samples were dropped for the official release (because LL Cool J said no perhaps?) and Tom and Ed used their own vocal artist instead?

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