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Amazon to Turn Assassin Film Hanna Into a Series

Started by neorev, May 24, 2017, 02:18

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Amazon Studios is set to turn the film Hanna into a TV series

The Joe Wright-directed film Hanna is set to become a series for Amazon Studios, according to THR. The Focus Features film was co-written by David Farr (The Night Manager), and he's back on board to script the series. In the 2011 film, 16-year-old Hanna (Saoirse Ronan) has been raised in the wilds of Finland by her ex-CIA father Erik (Eric Bana), but when she decides she's ready to go off on her own, she finds herself the target of her father's handler Marissa Wiegler (Cate Blanchett) and a hired assassin (Tom Hollander). There is no word on casting for the series so far.

Hanna will be executive produced by Marty Adelstein and Becky Clements, as well as NBC Universal International Studios' Scott Nemes and JoAnn Alfano. Farr stated, "I am delighted to be able to return to the Hanna story. "Joe Wright's movie was dazzling, but inevitably there were certain elements that a feature-length film wasn't able fully to explore. It's a pleasure therefore to be able to revisit the material in a longer format and take Hanna into whole new physical and emotional worlds. Amazon has shown such passion for the project and is the perfect home for Hanna." Adelstein added: "I am thrilled to be revisiting this fantastic story. Hanna is one of the highlights of my career, and I look forward to seeing this story continue with David Farr." Wright is not attached to the series.


I love Hanna...
I hate this idea

Ah yes I mentioned this in shows you're watching, not that I'm watching it. I'm not crazy about the idea either.

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no idea, no idea

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